Worldwide Walkout Against Vaccine Mandates Outside Hospitals Wed, Sept. 1

Healthcare workers and concerned citizens will protest against unconstitutional vaccine mandates outside hospitals around the world on Sept. 1.

For locations, visit the Canadian Frontline Nurses website.

2 thoughts on “Worldwide Walkout Against Vaccine Mandates Outside Hospitals Wed, Sept. 1”

  1. Just go get some dirt on yourself, swallow some. Try to keep heaththy , but don’t knock the vaccine or many will still get sick and die. And if there are empty beds in the ICU dept. then they can accept if you have C19 , otherwise if you do contract it , do not take up someone who wants the vaccine , or has the shots. OK

    1. The ‘fully vaccinated’ can still get sick and die, and they are getting sick and dying.
      And it’s not a vaccine. it’s simply a dose of chemicals that they claim works to lessen the seriousness of the virus, claims made by the same people who are selling the vaccine, who did their own in house ‘testing’ where they cherry picked the data to make it look safe and effective and now have no responsibility for the injury it is causing.
      You would not be needing those ICU beds if doctors were allowed to treat their patients correctly rather than being forced to follow a protocol that has a miserable track record.

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