[FULL] A Message to Ottawa Police from Dr. Mark Trozzi, MD

[FULL VERSION] After watching disturbing police brutality against peaceful Freedom Convoy demonstrators, Dr. Mark Trozzi, MD, was compelled to send a message to #OttawaPolice.

#FreedomConvoy #TruckersForFreedom

Full version.
Short version.

4 thoughts on “[FULL] A Message to Ottawa Police from Dr. Mark Trozzi, MD”

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  2. You speak the truth and thank you for being so brave. My family and I have joined the demonstration here in BC. But we need more people waking !! This has to be a united effort. Vaccinated or unvaccinated. Please everyone, find a way to support our truckers

  3. I guess the Cops the RCMP officers are afraid of Trudeau’s Wrath! They “the government are committing “Crimes Against Humanity” and those officers that have sworn an oath to protect us from these corrupt officials leaves me to believe that they are in bed with them! These past few weeks I’ve been awaken to what is really happening here in Canada and it reminds me that history in the 1940’s is repeating itself. Lord help us all!

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