Message to Freedom Convoy Truckers From Dr. Zev Zelenko

In solidarity with the Freedom Convoy 2022 truckers, Dr. Zev Zelenko shared this message for them.

#freedomconvoy #truckersforfreedom

11 thoughts on “Message to Freedom Convoy Truckers From Dr. Zev Zelenko”

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  2. Dr Zelenko saved thousands upon thousands of Covid patients with early treatment protocols and practising real science on the ground while his patients were dying.
    The disgrace of our health officials has been on full display and continues.
    They have betrayed Canadians by implementing health measures that cost lives and did not work from day one.
    By supporting Black Face Matters they turned their backs on the nation.

    1. Thank you so much. You start to lose hope and then find it is comforting to see and hear people like you still pushing forward.
      Dr. Juie Ponesse had a great tactic. Every truck EVERYWHERE turn off your engines for a week….a few days even.

  3. Forward If you know any Canadians: or all of you Canadians!)

    Someone posted on a TG channel:
    “II saw in the comments of a Pat King live the following…

    I just hung up the phone with Secretary to Governor General Mary Simon.

    It took me 2 hours to speak to his secretary and be told: “report to the Governor General a vote of no confidence in Trudeau. If she receives 900,000 emails asking for a vote of no confidence, the governor must oust the prime minister. “.

    We stayed on the phone for 2 hours to learn that!

    Broadcast the urgency of a Governor General’s vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister.

    She added, “Feel free to share this with everyone. It’s the only way to do it”.

    Email from the Honorable Governor General:

    Sample email:

    To the Governor General,

    Effective immediately.
    I call on Parliament to remove Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all members of his family who hold office or employment in the federal government.

    I no longer have confidence that the current Prime Minister is working in the best interest of the voters of Canada and of Canadians.

    The policies invoked by the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau run counter to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights.

    Mr. Justin Trudeau’s hate speech has deceived millions of Canadians.

    He should be charged with a hate crime under sections 318 and 319 of the Criminal Code.

    He is not my leader, he makes me feel divided, threatened and in danger in my own country.


    Last name
    Postal code

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    1. Why did BLN feel my response had to be moderated?

      Isn’t this practice slightly hypocritical? I thought BLN was interested in truth and factual comments.

      I preserved my comments if somehow, someone would be interested in knowing what I had to say.

        1. Ok, I’ll try again. In fairness to BLN, I may have included too many links in the post, so I will repost without including any links, Please take this into consideration when reading my comment.

          Sorry folks, but I’m not convinced that the GG actually has the power to remove a sitting PM. I’ve done my own research on the issue, and several legal and constitutional scholars have clearly stated that the GG has no such power.

          Just read the sample email in your post. It says “I call on ***PARLIAMENT*** to remove Prime Minister Justin Trudeau…” Then why not petition parliament?

          Even if you do succeed in obtaining 100,000 signatures, the most you would accomplish is to guarantee that a debate would be held on the issue. Presumably, that would lead to a confidence vote, and the government, in the present political context, would most likely survive that vote.

          I support the truckers, and I still do, but I was disappointed with their call for citizens to come down to the hill and literally face the barrel of a gun to support the cause. That’s a signal of desperation, and an example of poor leadership.

          I pleaded with them to re-evaluate their strategy of staying put, but to instead retreat and regroup. Truckers in Quebec City have figured it out: A slow role instead of illegally parking your vehicles would have been a far more effective strategy, and they would have probably been able to keep their rigs instead of watching the authorities impound them.

          Even now, Truckers are still camped in and around the city, as they should have been the moment the PM ILLEGALLY invoked the emergency measures act. He would have never have done that if he didn’t feel he had the support of the city, it’s residents, and sadly, the majority of Canadians, and now, sadly, he is being applauded for ridding the core of all the trucks. This is a huge setback. The only positive out of this is that the world is now aware of what is really going on behind the scene, but is the cost to accomplish that objective justifiable? You have to ask that question.

          I predicted this crackdown would happen. It should have been known what to expect. I knew it. How hard could it be to figure that out? To mislead Canadians, claiming that it was still safe to join the protest on the hill when the reality was they would be putting themselves in harms way, is somewhat disappointing, to say the least.

  4. In our Parliamentary system, Canadians did not elect Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada. The elected Liberal members of parliament did that, and he now retains power, only due to their continued support and that of NDP MPs.
    It is obvious to me that our PM is undergoing some sort of Mental Breakdown and is acting irrationally. I believe it is now pointless trying to deal with him, and that we must pass responsibility for dealing with the current situation on to those responsible for supporting him.
    Further attempts to interact with Trudeau will be fruitless. My recommendation is that the current sitting Liberal and NDP members of Parliament should have the responsibility to deal with this situation, placed directly on THEIR shoulders. They must be held accountable for what they do, and/or do not do.

    1. I agree! The last of the elastic holding his persona together have certainly snapped! He cannot hold center.

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