Woman Wanting Coffee Threatened With Arrest, Told to Leave Ottawa

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#OttawaPolice are acting in unconscionable ways towards the very citizens they are meant to serve and protect, as an Alberta woman is spoken to threateningly and aggressively for wanting to go and buy a coffee in the “secure zone” in the Ottawa core.


11 thoughts on “Woman Wanting Coffee Threatened With Arrest, Told to Leave Ottawa”

  1. Those police officers would be appropriately dressed in jackboots and blackshirts.
    Absolute cowards and state-sanctioned and state-promoted perpetrators of violence and oppression. That rests on them and on Trudeau and his supporters. Democratic and true patriot Canadians see the tyranny unleashed against us. We are united in opposition to it and are in unity for our Charter rights and freedoms.

  2. The trojan hoarse of the goon squad in ah, what’s that miserable place called oh ya Ot tow wa……Dictatorial weak Trudeau…..his day is coming , in Court of Law that is if we still have Law and Order.

  3. No, they do not serve nor protect us. These young police scumbags are protecting criminals like Trudeau. What a coward bastard, I hope that one they, they will be prosecuted, fired, and jailed.

  4. I will never look upon the Police the same way ever again. Did anyone see the leaked conversations with the police during their “down time?”

    Let me share you one quote (I’m paraphrasing): “I just saw the video with the horses. That was awesome! We have to practice that technique.”

    I guess that oath to “protect the public” was just replaced with a new oath to protect the authority.

  5. Bastard should´ve had his teeth and nose broken!
    This another POS like him must be held accountable.

    1. “Klaus Schwab’s “Young Global Leaders” or also known as “School of Tyrannical Pets”.

    1. The reforms clearly need to start from the top down AND the bottom up. It’s time for us to have a “great reset” of our own. (I generally hate housekeeping, but in this case I’m willing to make a major exception.)

      Investigator: “Were you a police officer in Ottawa in February of 2022?”

      Officer: “Uh, yes…yes I was.”

      Investigator: “You’re fired!”

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