Freedom Convoy 2022 Prayer Invite Today at 1:30 pm ET Parliament Hill

#FreedomConvoy2022 organizers invite all Canadians for a peaceful prayer at Parliament hill today starting at 1:45 pm.

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10 thoughts on “Freedom Convoy 2022 Prayer Invite Today at 1:30 pm ET Parliament Hill”

  1. What a glorious idea to gather together in prayer! Whether we are near or far from Parliament Hill, let us continue, moment to moment, to unite in prayer around the globe for All Creation to freely flourish and grow into the highest potential of LOVE! And as we bring the Sacred and the Divine back into its rightful place within the Hearts of Mankind, we nurture and grow the Power of Love – that Love which has been under attack for so very long, especially obvious in the past few years! Those who seek to destroy Love do not understand the impossibility of their goal, nor do they understand the self-destructiveness of their intentions and actions. Let us also pray for them that they may at last ‘see the Light’. Then as One Heart of Love we may live the Truth of the Sacredness of All Creation.
    With endless gratitude and deepest honoring of All Who Are A Part of The Freedom Convoy 2022… , T and may One and All be blessed with infinite Love Peace and Joy .

    1. Ruth, I so Love your intentions, and have been doing my utmost to send love, light, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and unity to the hearts of Humankind. May unconditional love and Truth unite the world and set us free!

  2. Guys the world is opening up and people have gone past this BS phase of pandemic. It’s time to open up for people, communities and our image at large. It’s time to move on with the business. Truckers are doing an amazing job in voicing their opinion and ours otherwise the whole nation was sleeping and would have continued to do so. Don’t be sheep and follow blindly whatever the media has to say which is playing in the hands of corrupt politicians. We all have to do our bit to make this movement a success. Remember if you give an inch today be prepared to give a yard the next time around.

  3. Meanwhile back in reality land,crime is down 90% in Ottawa since the truckers arrived:

    The crime rate in Ottawa, however, has declined during the convoy’s occupation as reported Friday morning in Blacklock’s Reporter:

    The truckers’ blockade covers ten square blocks in the Centretown district. Preliminary police data show street crime fell sharply in the district since the protest began last Friday.

    The district saw 31 police calls for robbery, assault, drug trafficking, public drunkenness, stolen vehicles, store break-ins and other crimes in the week prior to the protest. There were three reports of street crime since the protest began for mischief, robbery and auto theft. Police yesterday said data were incomplete.

    “There have been no riots, injuries or deaths,” Police Chief Peter Sloly testified Wednesday at the Municipal Police Services Board.

    All charges against truckers to date involved routine traffic violations or breach of a local noise bylaw for horn honking.

  4. I believe their prayers will be answered because evil politicians in a democratic country never win and it’s becoming clear to a large majority of Canadians just how evil they are and how our trust in them has been broken.

  5. Wonderful news! Our nation was founded on the supremacy of God and rule of law, and it’s time to restore all levels of governments to the constitutional values and freedoms Canadians love and cherish. No more overreach by dictator wannabes whose agenda is only to turn “we the people” into slaves. As the lyrics go, we have had enough and we are not taking it anymore. May the Lord grant us His peace and joy, love and mercy as we continue to stand for our constitutional freedoms. Indeed, God keep our land glorious and free 🙂

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