[ADOPT-A-TRUCKER NEWS RELEASE] Freedom Convoy 2022 Remains Peaceful & Lawful, Despite Forces Attempting to Subvert Message

February 4, 2022

The Trucker Freedom Convoy 2022 has been working around the clock for weeks to assure safety and respect for everyone involved in the protest on Parliament Hill, Ottawa. That includes not just the truckers and their support staff, but anyone who attends the rally in any capacity, regardless of their views on the trucker protest. The overarching themes of the protest are Freedom and Love, and they apply to any person irrespective of their views.

Those organizing and involved in the protest have consistently and unwaveringly promoted nonviolence, open-mindedness, love and compassion. Yet sadly there is evidence that there are forces attempting to subvert that message using tactics that are undemocratic and un-Canadian. Examples abound:

  • Hotels refuse to renew reservations to those involved in the rally citing full occupancy, yet hotel staff report, confirmed by even casual observation, that the occupancy is barely 25%. Individuals and groups have had to scramble to find alternate accommodation.
  • Garbage cans have been removed in the downtown area, so the truckers have set up garbage bags and the city has never been cleaner.
  • Organizers received resistance when trying to bring Port-a-potties to the downtown for the public to use.
  • Access to public washrooms has been restricted during the protest.
  • Resistance to fuel trucks needing to supply truckers with fuel in order to stay warm and functioning.
  • In order to maintain public safety, road and sidewalk cleaning has been done by the truckers because the city has not done so.

Despite all of this, those involved in the protest continue to stay positive and committed to Canadian values of freedom, peace and compassion. 

City vehicles are being used to blockade trucks and to stop the delivery of need fuel to truckers.
Trucks are being denied access to the downtown area, denying the constitutional right to freedom of assembly.
A volunteer, using a donated shovel, clears snow from Parliament Hill.
Volunteers, like TJ from Vancouver, are giving truckers, living and sleeping in their cabs, fuel needed to keep trucks running and warm.
Volunteers are working day and night serving free food to hungry passersby with food all donated by Freedom Convoy 2022 supporters.
Freedom Convoy supporters donate food to a free food stand on Wellington St. tended to by 4 university students.

29 thoughts on “[ADOPT-A-TRUCKER NEWS RELEASE] Freedom Convoy 2022 Remains Peaceful & Lawful, Despite Forces Attempting to Subvert Message”

  1. I think the problem has a lot deeper roots. We need to investigate ALL MPs in Parliament for corruption, fraud and treason. Why was there no opposition when Trudeau passed those mandates? Why was there no vote of ousting Trudeau? Now, everyone’s a hero because the Truckers sparked something that’s been brewing for a long time. Political abuse and police brutality have been happening for years. It would have happened now too but for the big machines which cannot be towed easily and for the non-cooperation of the towing companies. The only reason they are not doing anything about it yet is because they are overwhelmed. I fear the worst is yet to come and they will use violence against this peaceful protest. That’s not a problem as long as we don’t use force back. They cannot put all of us in prison.
    DO NOT BE FOOLED. Electing a new PM will NOT fix the problem in the long term. There is too much corruption at ALL levels of government as we have seen for the past 2 years. We need an INDEPENDENT and PUBLIC enquiry to clean out the cockroaches in politics before we can elect someone we can hope to lead the country where it needs to go. It seems obvious to me that most of the Parliament does not work for Canada but for private interests. So, please, do NOT leave until we start this process of cleaning out our government. God bless you and keep you strong!

    1. Dear Sir,
      You are dead on! Corruption exist in every Government levels, Federal, Provincial & Municipal it’s also in every other Institutions such as Banks and big Corporations. Wherever there are considerable sums of money there is corruption. The clean up has to start now and will surely last many years before we the people can bring all does accountable for the misery they have created in this world. The vaccine was or is the perfect Trojan Horse that was introduced worldwide to reduce the worlds population! Every single one of them that is at the top levels should pay the ultimate price and all the others should serve a life sentenced for being accomplices for this GENOCIDE.

      Yours Truly,
      Roger M Savoie
      A Canadian Citizen

  2. Quite the bunch , Trudeau and his buddies. Worst bullies in the country. Traitors. Trying to rule by decree, who cares about the Constitution or the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. At least Hitler was blatant about his agenda. This bunch of cowards can’t even stand up and be counted. I am beginning to think the last election was a hoax. Just within the last couple of days reports are popping up of “lost ballots”.

    This government has lost all credibility. I call for a referendum immediately, with 2 questions. Firstly a vote of confidence in Trudeau, and secondly a vote on removing all Covid mandates and restrictions including vax passes. The way I see it the only non -violent way left to sort this mess out, also the most democratic.

    Darn shame that the simple solution of just letting everybody choose for themselves if the “vaccine solution “ is right for them. Trudeau caused this mess, not properly funding hospitals, and then attempting to force a faulty vaccine on everyone.

    This is not my Canada any more!

    1. I agree with you 100%. The impostors that are representing The Liberal Party at Parliament Hill are all Traitors and need to be kicked to the curb like the trash they are. People in Canada are fed up with this totalitarian regime.

    2. Well said, that’s a great idea. We need a referendum on both issues. As to the possibility of a stolen election, I worked the polls on election day. I was very impressed with all the poll clerks, scrutineers and oversight. However that was only on election day. My concern is the 4 days of advanced polls which was unprecedented. I was alarmed to learn that the poll clerks took the ballot boxes home each night! There were NO scrutineers present and there was no count done. At the end of the 4 days the ballot boxes were simply shipped to elections Canada. Who counted those votes? Where were the scrutineers? Who verified the process?

    3. Three – Investigate criminal actions and lay charges for crimes against humanity, terrorism, and “unacceptable behaviour.”

  3. Dear Mr. Rog Whit,
    I don’t believe arresting anyone is more fun. The reason why they can’t and shouldn’t be kicked out is the same regardless of the protest group. Whether it be pipelines, environmentalists, animal rights groups or religious freedoms, Canada has never been a country that speaks with one voice. We are not uniform in our opinions nor should we be. We are a large family with dissenting voices and as such we need to learn to compromise. Likewise the Liberals are not a majority government and do not speak for all Canadians. Discontent and negotiations are always messy and there is never one clear winner. That is the true nature of a strong country. A country that is not so arrogant or homogenous that it is blind to the uniqueness of its population. That’s why we are not China. With regards to vaccines in general people have always been free to make their own choices for themselves and their family without the oppressive coercion of losing not only their livelihood but their children’s taxpayer paid education. So if getting the latest vaccine makes you feel safe than by all means have at it. If you also feel safer self isolating in your basement than do so, but with all due respect the rest of us are going to get on with our lives.
    A racist, misogynist daughter of immigrant’s

    1. Amen Deborah!
      We’ve had the same trouble down here in the US. Thank goodness I’m in Florida and we had more freedom to choose.
      At least you guys see True Colors now and hopefully voting still counts (we have out doubts down here tho, sadly).
      So happy your truckers have 🏀 🏀! And I saw around the world your guys are waking ppl up and having a huge impact!
      Love Canadian Truckers!!!

  4. Arresting a trucker sounds more fun. How is this even legal? Why can’t they be kicked out. This is no different than those yahoo protestors who set up a camp in BC to protest pipelines. They need to be forcefully removed. They do not speak for all Canadians. Even if 200k people are there that is a very small fraction of the entire population. The Liberals are the elected government for the people. Let them do their job!

    And please get vaccinated to keep all your fellow Canadians safe. Listen to reason, not Alex Jones conspiracy theories.

    1. Hey, Rog-Whit-the-bed-again Trudeau’s 1/2 brother also admitted in the interview that your dream-boy Justin has engaged in hate speech against those who refuse to take the Jab of Death. Ouch!

      1. Justines brother also mentioned our current PM being beholden to the WEF.
        Arresting the traitors to Canada is vital to our democracy.

    2. The reasoning for “Vaccine” mandates are sounding more like Alex Jones’ conspiracy theories than the truckers’ demands.

      Seems like what you would call “conspiracy theories” are actually turning out to be true. Stop drinking the government propaganda Kool-Aid, Rog, and just do your own research about what these so-called “vaccines” really are, and the damage they are doing.

      Despite big-tech censorship, there really is quite a lot of truth to uncover. All you have to do is open your eyes, and turn off Mr. 6-o-clock news, who has been LYING to you since March 2020…. No… Has been lying to you long before that.

      1. 6 oclock news AKA The Corporate Fascist News Networks (CFNN) have been lying to us, manipulating the news and spreading propaganda for years. Wake up Canadians and Americans before it is too late. Listen to Joe Rogan, Tim Pool, Scott Adams, Viva Frei, etc. to hear the other side and learn the truth. Pop your bubbles and come with us into the real world.

    3. Rog you may want to lay off on the jabs, you sound either delusional or psychotic and most likely are getting paid by Trudope to be a troublemaker? Either way your ignorance is showing!

    4. What Canadian can speak for ALL Canadians? The point is freedom of choice. Wear masks and get boosted until you die, but leave everyone to make their own choice. No jobs or school should depend on getting this shot. Kids need to be free to have unmaksed smiles. They leave the minute this happens.

    5. “And please get vaccinated to keep all your fellow Canadians safe. Listen to reason, not Alex Jones conspiracy theories.” Rogue Whit

      These mRNA gene therapy death shots do not prevent Covid 19 nor do they stop transmission of the virus. Everybody knows this is the globalists depopulation agenda and Trudeau is beholden to the WEF and/or Davos under Klaus Schwab.

      EU data 38,000 Covid vaccine deaths 3.5 million serious injuries
      US: Steve Kirsch estimates at least 150k US vaccine deaths across all ages, suggesting it is probably nearer 300k.

    6. Please check first do your own real research and see the thousands of people with adverse reactions for an experimental injection that showed zero effectiveness preventing or protecting you from a disease with a 99% survival with well known, safe and inexpensive supplements and medicines. Ask the MSM why no victims have been shown in the big screen? See how many athletes everywhere are falling with sudden cardiac arrest. All mandates must stop and an investigation must be done publicly.

    7. common sense…an immune system remains relevant to the environment it is in only so long as it remain exposed to that environment…there is no attenuated virus in these injections…peddled by the same people telling you to cover your nose and mouth and avoid people hence exposure…hypnotically illogical…Smith-Mundt Modernization Act-much?

    8. Terrible assessment and advise. The mandates are illegal, which is the point of these legally sound protests on federal land. The Trudeau Regime never provided the documented evidence required by Section 1 of the charter, to PROVE ‘The Nation’ was in peril to the degree that it justified temporarily overriding citizen rights and freedoms. Furthermore, while the Trudeau Regime and Legacy Media pushed experimental C19 injections no body needed or wanted, they deliberately blocked and demonized cheap, safe and effective treatments since 2020 leading to untold and unnecessary suffering and death. We never needed the billion dollar hi-tech gene therapy shots that don’t work and are harming and killing people like no other medical product in history. Alex Jones was right all along, which is why so many world-class scientists and doctors are working with Infowars to broadcast the truth. Dismissive rhetoric and name calling are the hallmarks of hateful and abusive progressive-bigots like Justine ‘Blackface’ Trudeau.

  5. While Canadians fight for their freedoms and rights Justin and his cabinet iare being called out in the Main Street Media as traitors to our nation:
    Klaus Schwab, the head of the World Economic Forum (WEF), said that Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin have been young global leaders of the World Economic Forum. He said that they are very proud of the young generation, like Prime Minister Trudeau and the President of Argentina, because the WEF has “penetrated the cabinets” of their governments and that more than half of Trudeau’s cabinet are global leaders of the WEF.


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