Freedom Convoy 2022 Organizers Say Truckers Will Stay in Ottawa “For as Long as It Takes”

Truckers assembled in Ottawa vow to stay “as long as it takes” for freedom to be restored

OTTAWA (February 2, 2022) – Organizers representing Freedom Convoy 2022 say they plan to remain in Ottawa “for as long as it takes” for governments across Canada to end all mandates associated with COVID 19. The convoy is made up of truck owners and operators, as well as citizens from all walks of life, from across the country

Organizers estimate the number of participants in the Ottawa protest to be in the tens of thousands.  “The number of participants who have travelled from every region of Canada to be in Ottawa was a surprise even to us”, said Tamara Lich, spokesperson for Freedom Convoy. “It was a bit overwhelming at first from a logistical point of view, but we are now well organized and are settling in, until Canada is a free nation again.”

Convoy leaders, who are meeting daily, also expressed regret that citizens of Canada’s capital are bearing this inconvenience.

“Our message to the citizens of Ottawa is one of empathy. We understand your frustration and genuinely wish there was another way for us to get our message across, but the responsibility for your inconvenience lies squarely on the shoulders of politicians who have prefer to vilify and call us names rather than engage in respectful, serious dialogue,” said Chris Barber, Sr. Convoy Leader. “The fastest way to get us out of the nation’s Capital, is to call your elected representatives and end all C-19 mandates, as the UK did two weeks ago and as both Sweden and Switzerland did today.

Barber further noted that “our interaction with the Ottawa police has been mostly positive, especially in dealing with front line officers”.   

Organizers have been particularly dismayed by the extreme and divisive rhetoric used by politicians – especially Justin Trudeau – who have characterized protesters as racists, and even terrorists.

“We are determined to be respectful the law, be peaceful in conduct, and to retain our dignity, despite the school-yard mudslinging and bullying of some politicians and members of the press. Nobody should underestimate our resolve or our resilience.

We are here and we are not going anywhere until we achieve our objective, to see an end of all C-19 mandates and with that a restoration of freedoms of all Canadians

For further comment call 613-691-8220

4 thoughts on “Freedom Convoy 2022 Organizers Say Truckers Will Stay in Ottawa “For as Long as It Takes””

  1. Since they were looking to immobilize the truckers anyway, Trudeau & Co. should be happy. (After the Canada-US border ban, there were rumors of a province-to-province ban being in the works. Fortunately, the truckers got to Ottawa before the vax-tyrants could implement it.)


    Thank You to Senior Convoy Leader, Barber for sharing his Statement. You may not realize this, but as a Canadian, I feel the Convoy represents a Powerful Display of Spirit and Strength of what Canada Stands For. We as Canadians Value the Constitutional Laws and God Given Sovereign Universal Laws that Respect the Human Rights and Freedoms We Each Have. For any government to assume that they can manipulate, trick, coerce, threaten and trash these laws all in the name of their ELECTED (or perhaps, SELECTED and Placed?), POSITIONS AND QUIETLY DEVISE WAYS TO REMOVE OR BYPASS THESE LAWS for their own “betterment” vs the People’s True Betterment?!! WE KNOW THESE ARE WOLVES TRYING TO ACT LIKE THE MASSES ARE A FRINGE MINORITY OF SHEEP WHO DO NOT WANT TO BE SLOWLY TAGGED, MONITORED AND EXECUTED for the sake of “easier population control”!! Who is Really Benefitting?!

  3. Thank you for the real news and for reporting with integrity. My heart is overflowing everyday.

  4. Karen Diane Rektor

    Go truckers go and you have the heart of Canadians from coast to coast with you! You have brought pride, hope and unification back to a country that had lost those things. When you are at the top, someone will always try to take you down, someone being the paid media and politicians, moreover trudope. I am glad to hear you are in it for the long haul, because if you quit, there is no turning back and we lose for good! Keep up the fight! Even though many can’t be there because of distance, our hearts and energy are with you all the way! I am a veteran and if anyone is proud of their country and discusted with trudope and the mandates, it is a veteran, especially those that fought in the wars – they fought for our freedoms, we were losing them, and now you truckers are bringing them back. When they were bringing the boys and girls back from Afghanistan that died, the amount of support, repsect and pride was shown at that time, I was on the overpass then and I was on the overpass this time with the truckers and it was the same sense of pride. So stay strong truckers, we are in it for the long haul with you, don’t listen to the fake, paid for media! God Bless and United we stand, Divided we fall, remember that!

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