23 thoughts on “Freedom-Award-Winner Tamara Lich Arrested, Lawyers Clueless as to Why”

  1. From Brian Peckford’s blog.Author:Jeffrey Rath:

    On a related note, Bonny McBurney confirmed to me this morning that the rumours about Tamara Lich being in the process of being nominated for The Nobel Peace Prize are, in fact, true.

    Canadians need to internalize the degree of shame and national embarrassment they should all feel when Members of The European Parliament are nominating a Canadian political prisoner for The Nobel Peace Prize for courageously standing up to the tyranny of the authoritarian junta being presided over by Justin Trudeau. As someone recently said, “it is really sad that Trudeau now has Canada being referred to internationally as “Bananada.”

    Bonny McBurney told this writer that her biggest concern is that Tamara’s arrest is part of the ongoing campaign by Trudeau and his minions to incite peaceful protesters to riot. They previously engaged in name-calling in the lead up to the Emergencies Act declaration, which Trudeau and his minions falsely claimed was invoked at the request of the RCMP and Ottawa Police.

    On behalf of Tamara and herself, Mrs. McBurney urged everyone protesting Trudeau’s ongoing abuses of power to remain calm and peaceful.

  2. Yes, the jack-booted thugs are at it again—and the best solution for us is simply to become ungovernable. Gandhi made it work, and so can we.

    Any action the LDP dictatorship takes against “peaceful dissidents” only hangs them higher in he court of world opinion. They clearly realize that, and yet they just can’t seem to stop themselves. So I say we give them all the rope they need, and then watch them get annihilated at the polls come election time.

    BTW: I still can’t for the life of me figure out what Jagmeet Singh was thinking when he decided to hitch his cart to Trudeau’s flaming wagon, but I’m very happy he did. The reckoning will be epic to say the least, and I sure as hell hope there’s no popcorn shortage when it happens.

  3. Let’s say it clerly: Tamara is a political prisoner. Yep, in Canada.
    She commited “verbal crime”.
    Such a typical feature in all ex communist countries

  4. I just hope there are no plans by trucker-friends to hold any protests at Ottawa or anywhere on Canada…just let the day come and go, give the concerned citizens no cause for anxiety. Let it be. The millions of ‘fringe’ and ‘minority’ Canadians are the last people to let Canada down in a crisis let alone be the cause of mayhem. This Tamara Lich arrest could be just an opportunistic false flag, much ado about nothing.

    1. …oops. should read “no plans to hold any protests at Ottawa or anywhere on Canada Day…just let the day come and go……..”

    2. We should be protesting Coast to Coast to let these traitors know that we do not agree with their tyranny. This “crisis” is created and continued by the Great Turd.
      If we don’t start standing up soon there will be another two years of manufactured anxiety.

  5. Just in time to celebrate Canada Day.
    Oh,what joy the big Turd and his Witch have brought to our nation.

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