An Interview with Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver, GB News TV Presenter, joins us for a brilliant conversation on the planned diminution of global freedoms and how he effectively delivers anti-Covid commentaries on a pro-Covid mainstream UK news station without being cancelled.

6 thoughts on “An Interview with Neil Oliver”

  1. Neil Oliver is awesome, and I’ve been following him for a while now. He sees right through people like Trudeau & Co., and cuts straight to the chase every time. Always well-reasoned in his arguments, and never one to mince words.

    BTW: I’ve set up a reddit group for anyone who wants to network and connect with other vaccine-free people. The rules are simple: No discussion of the vaccines, alternative therapies like Ivermectin, or why you’re not vaccinated. There are plenty of other forums for that already, and we don’t want to give them any excuse to ban the group. So, if you want to network/job hunt and/or make friends with other vaccine-free individuals, feel free to come and join us right here: Please pass this on to your vaccine-free friends and acquaintances as well. There are millions of us, and it’s time we started connecting with each other.

    1. “Vaccine-Free Job Listings” got removed by reddit with no explanation, but “Job Listings for Unvaccinated” seems to be okay. (My response to this kind of behavior is unprintable, but I’m sure you know how I feel.) 🙂

  2. Been following Neil for years. Many of us feel the same way he does. The writing was on the wall, I saw it as did many others. Something was wrong , very wrong. 2019, Dec. something clicked . Then 2020 we knew this was bad. Thank you.

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