CPSO Protest (Toronto – June 24, 2022)

Dr. Guirguis reports live from the protest at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) yestereday, which featured speakers like suspended Dr. Crystal Luchkiw, Dr. Guirguis, “vaccine” injured and others affected by the College’s unethical violations of its own policies.

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9 thoughts on “CPSO Protest (Toronto – June 24, 2022)”

  1. Hi there,
    Can you please provide me with the link to the `silenced survivors’ group-page on facebook.
    I did a search on facebook and could not find the group’s page.
    Appreciate your assistance.
    Thank you,

  2. Awesome stuff!


    And now I know which Conservative politicians are worth supporting in a Pierre Poilievre cabinet: Marilyn Gladu, Arnold Viersen, Dean Allison, James Bezan, Melissa Lantsman, Dan Muys, Ted Falk, Leslyn Lewis, Alex Ruff, Jeremy Patzer, Jamie Schmale, Martin Shields, John Barlow, Ryan Williams, Warren Steinley, Damien Kurek, Gerald Soroka, Scott Davidson, Chris Warkentin, Corey Tochor, Tako van Popta, Cheryl Gallant, Kerry-Lynn Findlay

    1. Where was Pierre?
      Didn’t see him in Ottawa when Canadians and truckers gave a platform to those opposed to the WEF mandates.
      Didn’t see him meet with Mr. Topp or hear Dr. Alexander speak.
      Don’t see him marching the final leg into Ottawa.
      Roman Baber will march with Topp.
      Maxime Bernier will march with Topp.
      A dozen other MP’s have pledged to march with Topp on his final leg into Ottawa.
      Pierre Polievre is nowhere to be seen.
      Leslyn Lewis and Roman Baber have credibility and have consistently spoken against mandates and the loss of our freedoms.
      Pierre is a no show and a no go.

      1. The way I see it, he’s just playing the game of politics to win by trying not to openly irritate pro-vax Conservative voters. He’s already clearly stated that, while he himself is fully vaccinated, it should always be an individual choice. He’s also come out strongly against mandates, and has openly voiced his support for the Freedom convoy’s right to protest—so there’s no lack of support for freedom and individual liberty on his part. Like I said, he’s just playing the game to win. After all, every vote counts and you can’t change anything unless you win.

        1. Does anyone have any recommendations for non-vax-nazi doctors in the GTA? (They needn’t be an anti-vaxxer per se, although that would be great). Someone who at least believes it’s an individual choice, and who doesn’t actively push the vax would be fine.

  3. https://www.cpso.on.ca/About/Council/Meet-the-College-Council
    CSPO council staff.
    Dr. Janet van Vlymen President
    Dr. Madhu Azad (Thunder Bay) Electoral District 9
    Dr. Glen Bandiera (Toronto) Electoral District 10
    Dr. Brenda Copps (Hamilton) Electoral District 4
    Dr. Robert Gratton (London) Electoral District 2
    Dr. Deborah Hellyer (Windsor) Electoral District 1
    Dr. Camille Lemieux (Toronto) Electoral District 10
    Dr. Lionel Marks de Chabris (Sudbury) Electoral District 8
    Dr. Judith Plante (Pembroke) Electoral District 7
    Dr. Ian Preyra (Burlington) Electoral District 4
    Dr. Rupa Patel (Kingston) Electoral District 6
    Dr. Sarah Reid (Ottawa) Electoral District 7
    Dr. Deborah Robertson (Toronto) Electoral District 10
    Dr. Jerry Rosenblum (Waterloo) Electoral District 3
    Dr. Patrick Safieh (Toronto) Electoral District 10
    Dr. Anne Walsh (Newmarket) Electoral District 5
    15 Public Members
    5 University Representatives

  4. I bought Dr. Guirguis’ book “A life in Medicine” at the June 24 event.

    I highly recommend this book for everyone. It is very readable, tells a lot about the man and a whole lot about what the practice of medicine has become and how it got this way. It is profoundly important for everyone to read to become literate on this topic that has the greatest importance in our time.

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