Dr. Robert Malone’s Message to Freedom Convoy 2022

Dr. Robert Malone shared a message with #freedomconvoy truckers and Canadians Saturday via an outdoor video screen at Parliament Hill.

**Bright Light News would like to thank Dr. Malone and all of the other participating doctors who accepted our invite to share a message with the #truckersforfreedom2022.

9 thoughts on “Dr. Robert Malone’s Message to Freedom Convoy 2022”

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  2. Thank you!
    Side note: Mussolini created architecture for a kind of fascism.

    Fascism is combination of ideology, movement, state and economy with a programmatic totalitarianism – everything shall unite around a (weird) ideology.

    Corona-fascism is the idea of uniting all powers of the state and the society in fight against Covid, the invisible enemy, it is the so called “zero Covid” idology.

  3. The injections are not working and natural immunity is far superior.
    Trudeau’s allegiance to the WEF/Davos is noted @ 39 seconds.
    Canadians must recognise what this means in relation to the last two years and our inherent rights and freedoms that Trudeau stole from us during this time.
    Stand up,Canadians. The truths are overwhelmingly self -evident.
    Take back our country from Trudeau,Freeland and his Davos/WEF loyalists in his cabinet.
    No mandates.
    No emergency.
    No lethal injections.

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  5. Thank you for bringing your light to this darkness of intended confusion , thank you for adding your support to the truckers that have made it possible for people to experience community again , my faith is in the life I was given , I determine what success means to me , as an ex firefighter , as a father , as a friend my experience is love and peace is success

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