Dr. Peter McCullough’s Message to Freedom Convoy 2022

Dr. McCullough’s message was played on the outdoor video screen at Freedom Convoy 2022 today in Ottawa.

**Bright Light News would like to thank Dr. McCullough and all of the other participating doctors who accepted our invite to share a message with the #truckersforfreedom2022.

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Peter McCullough’s Message to Freedom Convoy 2022”

  1. The Freedom Convoy Truckers…….you are all Heroes, with out question..You put the word , Proud ,back in front of the phrase, PROUD CANADIANS..I am forever grateful for your endurance, courage and undying Love you have for All Canadians and the World..Thank-you with all my heart.

    Dr. McCullough, there is so much I would like to say to you of Praise but simply, I Thank-you for raising the bar as a Doctor, a Care Giver.

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  3. Dr McCullough should have Fauci’s job. He has worked with Covid patients, saving lives with early treatments when our government was literally attacking him and pushing only the vaccine while hundreds of thousands died unnecessarily. He, like myself have had Covid and are now more resistant to the virus than most that are vaxxed. But we never hear that information from the CDC. It’s all been lies and govt control, especially in the low ratings media. Thank you truckers. You have done more for individual freedom than anyone on this planet!

  4. Welcome message Dr, McCullough we appreciate hearing from a great doctor that is wonderful news. Hope our Leaders do the honest steps and lets move forward to freedom.

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