Clint & TJ Drove 6 Days from Vancouver to Help Refuel Trucks

Clint & TJ exemplify the #freedomconvoy2022 spirit of love, community & generosity in Ottawa. Leaving their respective families, they came to help truckers & all Canadian regain their stolen freedoms.
#TruckersForFreedom #FreedomConvoyCanada2022

5 thoughts on “Clint & TJ Drove 6 Days from Vancouver to Help Refuel Trucks”

  1. What a contrast there is between the everyday regular Canadians and our elected officials. We need a new political party – The Truckers Party of Canada. They could run the country much better than the sorry lot we have now.

    1. The Liberals have always stood only for themselves, and not for regular Canadians, so there’s no real surprise there—but you’d think that a party like the NDP would at least be trying to make a show of standing up for the rights of vaccine-free truckers, healthcare workers, firefighters, etc., right? (Remember how crazy the idea of mandatory drug testing drove them? The anger and outrage?) The fact that they’re not shows us the true extent of the gap between real people and politicians. (Newsflash NDP Voters: They’ll tell you exactly what you want to hear, and then feed you to the wolves first chance they get.)

      At the provincial level, the so-called “Conservatives” (including the Saskatchewan Party) have been bad, the Liberals have been worse, and the Coalition Avenir Québec have been even worse than them—but the only ones calling for indefinite lockdowns and even more draconian vaccine mandates have been the NDP. So, is it any surprise that Singh & Co. have been wholeheartedly propping up Assistant Drama Coach, “Trudeau the Dic” (a.k.a. “The first black prime minister of Canada”) on the federal stage? (Of course, HMLO’s former leader “Oh-what-a-Toole” was AWOL the whole time, but now that he’s out of the way, the federal Cons might actually have a chance at redemption.)

      So, by all means, new parties—one for every province if necessary—and a renewed federal conservative presence, please!

      1. Money is the most powerful source of corruption and I can’t help but believe that there is a boatload of it coming into our federal, provincial and city leaders pockets. There is no other explanation for this madness. The only possible exception is Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe who appears to be backtracking somewhat.

        1. There are two factors involved: money and ignorance. Scott Moe was talking up vaccine numbers in Saskatchewan the other day (basically saying “Mission accomplished!”), but you could see that he no longer believed in any of that. I understand, though. He couldn’t really say, “We were all duped, and now it’s time to end this shyte!”

          Everyone except Trudeau’s sudden change of heart might have something to do with a report that came out recently saying that all the measures implemented over the last two years—the lockdowns, the vaccines, masking, and everything else—have reduced fatalities by about 0.2%. All that grief, damage, and suffering for a measly fifth of a percent? Time for politicians everywhere to bail, and implement an “I was always opposed to lockdowns!” selective-memory policy.

          1. I have my doubts about ever knowing the real number of deaths saved or the lives lost due to the measures taken because we can’t trust the record keeping. Some people died from Covid (both vaxxed and unvaxxed), some died from the shots, others died because they couldn’t get hospital treatment for unrelated illness and many elderly in long term care homes died premature due to isolation from their family and there are no doubt many suicides that would not have occurred without the job losses and other factors the lockdowns caused.
            There needs to be a Nuremberg II trial uncover the truth.

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