The Truckers Gave Me The Strength to Rise

As the daughter of immigrant parents from Central America, Angelica came to Ottawa to support the #freedomconvoy2022 truckers. She discusses the “white nationalist” presence and what the #truckersforfreedom2022 means to her.

4 thoughts on “The Truckers Gave Me The Strength to Rise”

  1. Bob and Donna Craig

    We love our truckers who committed this long journey from Vancouver across every Province along the way 1,000’s are committed… We have talked with them, prayed with them, empathized with them… ONE YOUNG TRUCKER TOLD US YESTERDAY HE FELT ‘HOPE AND LOVE” ARISE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A LONG LONG TIME WHEN HE CAME TO OTTAWA A WEEK AGO.. We hugged him and he was crying….WAKE UP YOU LEFTIST FOR GOD IS IN CHARGE AS WE FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT FOR CANADA’s FREEDOM.. GOD KEEP OUR LAND GLORIOUS AND FREE… AMEN

  2. All we hear from the Ctrl-Left media about the truckers and various other freedom movements is “Hate, Intimidation, and Violence!” on endless repeat, and then they wonder why we barely trust them for traffic and weather anymore. And now “Trudeau the Dic” (short for “dictator”) is trying to channel the kangaroo-court US January 6th committee and claim that the truckers are “trying to overturn the election” against the wishes of the majority of Canadians. (Non-Fake Newsflash, JT: You’re still just the head of an NDP-beholden minority government, and even diehard Liberal supporters are starting to hate you.) And here I thought no one could possibly cause a country more embarrassment than Senile Old Joe, the Fascist Democrats, and their Lamestream-Media Hacks.

    1. You have to think that most people in Canada and the US can see we have nothing but fake leaders and fake mainstream media. I’m hoping that all the pain we have been going through is paid back with a clean up of our current national and provincial governments and the death of the CBC and other mainstream media that is accepting bribery payments from our corrupt government. We also have to get rid of people like Bill Gates and his friends who are funding our corrupt leaders. There are more of us than there are of them and we need to keep fighting until they are all out of our lives.

      1. There definitely needs to be a reckoning of some sort, followed by a major political and civil-administrative housekeeping. (“Would anyone care to explain why it took four big, strong cops to throw a middle-aged soccer mom to the ground and handcuff her in front of her kids?”) And, as for certain public figures and their lamestream-media minions, a strategy of “tune out/turn off” and “isolate/ignore” should do the trick well enough.

        The diehard Pro-Lockdown Vax-Nazis are another story. They clearly won’t want to let go of their paranoid virtue signaling, and they will continue to verbally attack the Vaccine-Free at every opportunity, so the best strategy in dealing with them going forward is simply “DNR” (‘Do not reply!”). After all, why even bother trying to explain to these people why you don’t want to be vaccinated? You’re only adding fuel to the fire and giving them something to argue about, and they will not change their views in any case.

        The simple truth is that, if you don’t want the jab, You Don’t Want It! That’s Your Personal Choice and Your Basic Human Right—and whether you believe “it’s a bad move health-wise”, or “it’s against your religion”, or “it contains tracking nanobots”, or whatever else, doesn’t change a single thing. It’s Your Own Damned Business! And you don’t have to explain or justify yourself to anyone, let alone a group of extremely hostile “witnesses for the persecution” (a.k.a. “Vax-Nazis”). In fact, you can’t even get banned from lamestream social media for saying you don’t want the jab; they only ban you if you provide proof of why you shouldn’t get it! 😛

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