Counterprotesters May Deliberately Create Conflict with Freedom Convoy

[OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE] Adopt-A-Trucker volunteer, Daniel Bulford, ex-RCMP, reads an official press release regarding counter-protesters who may try and disrupt the #freedomconvoy2022 movement. is an apolitical volunteer organization that provides support to the Freedom Convoy with donations going towards housing, water, food, accommodations and shuttle services for truckers now stationed in Ottawa.

Text version:

Today, February 2nd the Adopt-a-Trucker Volunteer Coordination Centre received reliable information that a group of counter protesters are in the Ottawa area with the potential to deliberately create conflict with the Freedom Convoy movement.  

Furthermore, we received additional information related to the People of Colour support for Freedom Convoy Instagram page.  The caller reported a Reddit thread detailing a counter protest at 12:00 tomorrow at the Police HQ on Elgin street followed by Ottawa City hall.  The caller advised that the People of Colour Freedom Convoy group intends to protect the Ottawa Police HQ by forming a peaceful human chain with linked arms.  Further investigation of the Reddit thread showed a conflicting date of February 5th.  Although dates for this protest are not entirely clear, it is possible a false date could be utilized as a deception tactic by a hostile group with the intent to maintain the element of surprise. 

Adopt-a-Trucker is an apolitical volunteer organization thats sole purpose is to provide support to the Freedom Convoy.  All information regarding safety and security issues have been shared with the Ottawa Police Service.

We ask all supporters of the Freedom Convoy to remain vigilant.  If you find yourself in a vulnerable position confronted by a violent group, move away from the danger and call the Police.  Shelter in a secure place, and if possible capture criminal behaviour on video.

Thank-you, Good night.

61 thoughts on “Counterprotesters May Deliberately Create Conflict with Freedom Convoy”

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  3. From two weeks to digital tyranny in care of our Klaus Schwab/WEF drama teacher:

    “Contrary to positions taken by government leaders, the Convoy represents ordinary, hard working Canadians – truckers, families, small business owners, Canadians who have lost jobs, income, missed holding the hand of a dying family member, been refused service in a store, or had their children miss months of school during lockdowns.

    The Convoy represents Canadians who are fed up with two weeks ‘to flatten the curve’ turning into two years of restrictions, mandates and decimation of democracy.” Tamara Lich

  4. BTW—that former RCMP, Daniel Bulford, that’s making the announcement…..he’s head of security for the Freedom Convoy. Formerly, he was on Turdeau’s sniper team, until they fired him for not getting the poison jab. I think he knows a little bit about security, and then some about The Turd. The organizers of this movement did a very thorough, professional job. The Ottawa police Captain has affirmed his admiration for the participants for being lawful, peaceful, cooperative, clean and exemplary. Stay Strong, Folks, we are 100 % behind you!!

    1. There’s a new study published in The Lancet (a well-known British medical journal) that basically says—since the “vaccines” don’t prevent transmission, and therefore don’t protect the general public from exposure—it makes no sense whatsoever to fire people for not getting jabbed, and anyone fired for being unvaccinated should be rehired immediately. The key point of the study is that, “…fully vaccinated individuals with breakthrough infections have peak viral load similar to unvaccinated cases and can efficiently transmit infection…” In other words, if you’re Covid positive, you’ll transmit it just as “efficiently” whether you’re vaccinated or not. Anyone wrongfully dismissed over their jab status should be taking that to court with them.

      1. I heard they’re trying to pass a bill that protects employers from being sued due to a COVid mandate firing or lay off.

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    1. Section 2(c) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms – Canadians have the fundamental freedom to the right to peaceful assembly.

  6. We have been waiting for these patriotic truckers for a long time. We are tired of being under perpetual house arrest like criminals…when we are not criminals. To mandate the “vaccine” is against the Supreme law of the land – the Constitution!!! Why won’t many of the good people of Ottawa not take a stand with us, they complain about the few truckers allowed into the city? Could it be that many of these good people have government jobs?Methinks that is the reason. Canadians all over the country have had enough of lockdowns, mental health issues, suicides by children who are fearful of this “new world” of masks and lockdowns. The cavalry has come to our rescue. Thank you Truckers!!!

  7. The prime minister says that he will not lift mandates because that is what the people voted for in the last election. Did he get 30% of the vote or was it a majority that voted for him? Would it be better to have a referendum to finally determine if a majority of the population want the mandates lifted. Can we say that would be democracy in action and not rule by a third?

    1. Considering the Ottawa has had to apologize on at least 2 occasions because some people (mainly elderly, disabled or special needs) were unable to stand in long lines in order to get to vote, or the fact that remote communities didn’t “have time” to get ballots, plus a rumour of 205K uncounted ballots (that I have not yet confirmed), I’d say it was 100% rigged. The fact that it is known and no one has called it out, seems like most are in on it… no matter the party. I now call them the Niperals… since I can’t tell NDP from Liberal anymore (and some liberals don’t recognize themselves either)

  8. The prime minister of Canada states that Over 90% are vaccinated. Can someone find out from the political leaders what percentage of the population needs to be vaccinated for the mandates to be eliminated?

    1. Ramone, if this is the self proclaimed Ramone, the queen thanks we got this. We don’t need crazy nut bars thinking they’re going to run the country. Your with QAnon and quite honestly, you’re an embarrassment as seen at Parliment Hill today. If this isn’t Ramone, the queen – I apologize and carry on

    2. They keep moving the goalposts.
      Back in September, in Nova Scotia, it was 70% vaccinated (all age groups) to remove restrictions.
      Now we’re over 90% and maybe they’ll be relaxed later this month.
      *roll eyes*

  9. Alright enough is enough! Time to get these pathetic whiners out of the capital. Call in the military and disband them! They are taking the city hostage which is unacceptable. They are the assholes keeping the shelves empty because they would rather sit around and whine in Ottawa then get a harmless needle. They should be fined and that gofund me money needs to be used to compensate the city of Ottawa for the extra costs. This is not a justifiable protests because their views are clearly childish, immoral and selfish.

    1. This protests contains racists, fascists and other assholes. This is not Canadian and all you that support this are very UnCanadian.

      1. Wow, talk about uncanadian… I think you are 100% of the problem. In the Canada I was born in, I have charter rights. If you don’t want yours… go check out China for a couple months and come back. If you like it, stay… we don’t want the digital systems that are coming due to the sleeping mass that like needles and are completely brainwashed. There is no racists, fascists or Aholes… although I’m pretty sure I’m talking to the latter.

      2. I wondered where you have been hiding nazi Rog. Since all the truckers for freedom want is the vax mandates, and vax passes removed, and the freedom to live their lives without government interference, what’s the big deal , Rog, why is that so hard to understand? The Ottawa Police have stated many times that this is a peaceful demonstration. Perfectly legal. No one is being held hostage . People can move about freely. Heck all you people that are scared of Covid could (and should) go run and hide. It’s past time to let the rest of us be free. You would be free to . You have no right to restrict us just because you are afraid.

    2. I’m guessing you haven’t done your own research on what’s going on in your country. Your statement leads me to believe you have been watching local news. If you thought for yourself and looked outside the lines you’ll see the rest of the world watching us. Not because our views are childish, selfish and immoral but because we are making sense

      1. This protest l has antisemistism, Islamaphobia, anti-black racism, homophobia and transphobia on display. We need to work together to keep Canada inclusive. All Members of Parliament condemns this!!!

        1. For the love of , of country and Canadians please search out the TRUTH. If you even ask yourself two things you might begin to understand why everyday citizens are standing up for your rights!! One – why do you wear a mask and why do some provinces have lockdowns if 90% of the people have vaxxed, many only to keep their jobs!
          Two – why can the Prime minister not answer this question and at the very least meet with organizers of the convoy where there was ONE Confederate FLAG and 1 NAZI flag from people whom the protesters led out of the area and amongst somewhere over 50,000 truckers and thousands and thousands of supporters at the protest. If you can ask yourself those two questions and still believe what you have posted then may God send you love and light.

          1. I was just thinking the same thing. Justless Turdo is a drama teacher and loves to get dressed up in costumes and a black face pretending he is someone else. I think he has been using the handle Rog all along. Would not surprise me one bit.

        2. No. Only the uninformed condemn. Have fun in your bankrupt civilization because of your actions.

          The rest us of move on to rebuilding what you demolished with your fear and elite view of yourself with your discrimination and segregation.

        3. Oh Rog, it would seem that many Liberal sycophants have been sniffing Liberal Party of Canada’s illegitimate 30% of Canadians regime for so long that they are blind to truth and reality!
          Your claims are unsubstantiated, ridiculous, and have been disproven by actual daily interactions by many citizens of Ottawa.
          Your claim reads like antifa propaganda.

    3. Ramone, if this is the self proclaimed Ramone, the queen thanks we got this. We don’t need crazy nut bars thinking they’re going to run the country. Your with QAnon and quite honestly, you’re an embarrassment as seen at Parliment Hill today. If this isn’t Ramone, the queen – I apologize and carry on

    4. Hey, Rog Whit the bed again…the needle is not the problem, it’s the poison in the syringe. It’s deadly. But don’t worry, life insurance companies are starting to notice lots of people who took the mRNA Genocide Jabs are now dying.

      How many jabs have you had now? Be sure to go get your 4th or 5th, whatever it takes.

      What a shame you weren’t born in Germany just before 1920. You would have been completely in your element in the 3rd Reich.

      Anyhow, I sure hope you live in Ottawa near the Parliament buildings.

  10. The Wolf and the Lamb

    Wolf, meeting with a Lamb astray from the fold, resolved not to lay violent hands on him, but to find some plea to justify to the Lamb the Wolf’s right to eat him. He thus addressed him: “Sirrah, last year you grossly insulted me.” “Indeed,” bleated the Lamb in a mournful tone of voice, “I was not then born.” Then said the Wolf, “You feed in my pasture.” “No, good sir,” replied the Lamb, “I have not yet tasted grass.” Again said the Wolf, “You drink of my well.” “No,” exclaimed the Lamb, “I never yet drank water, for as yet my mother’s milk is both food and drink to me.” Upon which the Wolf seized him and ate him up, saying, “Well! I won’t remain supperless, even though you refute every one of my imputations.” The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny.

    —Aesop’s Fables

  11. If Gofundme doesn’t release this funds, I will NEVER donate to that service again. Full stop.
    Stay strong, Canadians!

    1. They should be released to the city of Ottawa to pay for this mess. They were right to freeze the funds, this is not a justifiable protest. It’s a bunch of spoiled brats whining for attention.

      1. A good and hearty honk to you sir.
        Please let comrade Trudeau know we await negotiations, once you crawl out from betwixt his hind cheeks!

        Get with the program man. 54% are done with all of the restrictions and your -havent proven to be safe, definitely not long term and non of your business whether I get it- jab!

        Just catch the omicold whiny baby man! Get natty immunity and start honking to return to freedom!

      2. The go fund me funds are flowing! Latest news from those of us who listen to the source! Honks to you grumpy poo!!

      3. Oh Rog, you seem a little confused about the situation… it’s you my friend who is whining. We don’t like being forced into things…. now why don’t you go give your buddy JT a back rub… I think he’s feeling lonely in his bunker.

      4. What mess?? Turn off your TV and go there to see for yourself. I’m sure they’ll be leaving it cleaner than they found it just to make the point.
        “Just a bunch of brats”?
        You’re just an ignorant brainwashed bigot.

      5. Your taxes paid for your PM to create this mess. If your PM understood the Laws of Canada, and followed them, and maintained freedom…. and communicated with the truckers…. then there would be no convoy, no mess to clean up.
        People of Ottawa have survived useless lockdowns and can work from home or skate to work. They can survive the freedom convoy celebration.

  12. My enthusiasm and heart felt support goes out to our Trucker Convoys in Alberta and Ottawa! My concern is that these funds you are trying to raise may get frozen just like GoFundMe has done to the Canadian Truckers in Ottawa! So Wrong!

    What guarantees are being provided to ensure Funds Raised Support the Truckers without them being funneled or stolen by individuals?

    1. This is my concern as well. After donating to GoFundMe I was dismayed to learn they were withholding the funds. When you are fighting with the government you don’t know who you can trust.

      1. The organizers kind of came out of nowhere, and as much as they say they have no political ties, Lich is a Maverick party board member, and Dichter was all over the conservative political map before settling on the LGBTory party. I have no doubt they will use this to further their political careers. If GFM releases the money, the next issue will be how to allocate the funds. Dichter said in an interview that it will go by who has the most “involvement”. That’s pretty vague, and subject to interpretation. If even a single trucker disagrees with the allotment they can take it to court, which could take YEARS to sort out.

        1. The forced vaccine mandates came out of nowhere. We were promised by Mr. Trudeau and Mr Ford that we wouldn’t have vaccine mandates. Empty Promises. Then along comes Tamara Lich, a woman of Metis heritage, to save the day. Quite frankly, does it matter what her political background is, KK? You seem very troubled, why? This vaccine pro choice movement is made up of people from all political stripes ….. I should know.

        2. I suspect that you missed the third ‘K’!
          Your suspicions and assumptions are posted to create division.
          Not happening.

      1. Saying they’re NOT frozen is a positive ploy by the organizers. The funds are in fact still being held, which is why they had to bring more lawyers on to deal with it. They still don’t have access to that money as of today.

        1. The Convoy organizers have the best Constitutional and corporate lawyers on board to assist them, sadly because pro vaccine mandate groups furiously put all their efforts into lobbying GoFundMe NOT to release the funds. Seems these pro vaccine mandate individuals are quite happy to continue with, perpetual lockdowns, masks, forced vaccines, starving people who don’t have a “vaccine” – all for a virus that is 99 % survivable. Unimaginable that this could happen in Canada!!

          Shout out to the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms!!!! Their lawyers have completed ALL the paperwork required to get the money into the rightful hands – the truckers. As a side note it was the Justice Center lawyers who sent a legal letter to the New Brunswick government threatening immediate legal action if the NB government did not remove their “Winter COVID action” which would have allowed grocery stores to ban vaccine free shoppers from buying groceries. The NB government backed down after massive protests and of course the threat of legal action.

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