Dr. Mark Trozzi Interviews Glen Jung: Teacher Turned Freedom Warrior

“The 30,000-foot view of our situation from one of Canada’s most well informed freedom fighters.”

I had the great honour of being interviewed by one of Canada’s–and indeed the world’s–frontline physicians, Dr. Mark Trozzi, MD, spearheading ethics, truth and freedom within a captured medical and political system. Thank you again, Dr. Trozzi. You can follow Dr. Trozzi on Twitter and on his website.

“Glen Jung is a rare modern hero. Shortly after Covid-19 was launched, he sacrificed everything he had, and dedicated himself to discovering and sharing the truth. He has worked tirelessly, and travelled the world on a shoe-string budget. He has interviewed experts including scientists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, activists, politicians, and victims. Many experts including myself are impressed not only by his relentlessness, but also the breadth and detail of knowledge he has gained. Glen is now world renowned in the truth and freedom movement, and is a source of pride for informed Canadians.

Recently Glen obliged my request to interview him, so as to share some of his wisdom and insights with you. I am sure you will not be disappointed with what Glen has to share.

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  1. getting late in the game

    Not sure why people are not thanking you for your tireless work that is of such importance now and over the last years,Glen,but thank you.

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