[INTERVIEW] The New World Order Is Coming Fast -Rocco Galati, Constitutional Lawyer

Through decades of lawsuits taking on the Canadian govt and globalization treaties, like the tried-and-failed Multilateral Agreement on Investment involving 25 OECD countries and the European Commission, constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati saw the roadmap of centralized control for the world early on.

These experiences helped Galati see through “Covid-1984” early on and shape his belief that we are well on the road to global fascism via the New World Order.

3 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] The New World Order Is Coming Fast -Rocco Galati, Constitutional Lawyer”

  1. Cant stand this awful snake. He filed a 300 page notice of civil claim , the justice presiding offered to let him reformat, he appealed the offer – Rocco is deliberately sinking his cases.


    “If pleadings are inadequate the matter will typically
    not get as far as trial. In a recent example of wholly
    inadequate pleadings the plaintiff filed a 391-page
    notice of civil claim that was struck (see §2.06(3)
    below on striking pleadings) as being “prolix” and
    “bad beyond argument.” In Action4Canada v. Brit-
    ish Columbia (Attorney General), 2022 BCSC
    1507, the plaintiffs sued a host of politicians and
    crown corporations over pandemic-related measures
    they said were not based in science, exceeded the
    defendants’ authority, and breached Charter rights.
    The notice of civil claim was struck in its entirety.
    The judge said (at para. 51) it is counsel’s job to
    draft pleadings that do not offend the Rules. The
    judge also said the claim was too prolix for the de-
    fendants to be able to respond, and it was not the
    court’s job to interpret the claim:
    To put those points another way, I have indicated
    above that the prolix nature of the NOCC makes it
    impossible for the defendants to respond to it. For
    the same reason, I am not able to parse the 391
    pages of the improperly drafted NOCC and indi-
    cate whether paragraphs, categories or claims
    should remain in, or should be struck. That is not
    the proper role of this court. It is counsel’s obliga-
    tion to draft pleadings that do not offend the man-
    datory requirements of the Rules.”

  2. We know big Pharma and governments everywhere lied to us, to enrich themselves and reduce the population. We have enough evidence already to convict these criminals of fraud and premeditated genocide. They openly admit they’re evil and taunt us with their untouchable immunity.

    I’m tired of the public and the media ignoring reality. Our house is on fire but they are too busy watching the game on tv. Rather than dealing with the problem, they simply open a window and let out some smoke. There is a global dictatorship bearing down on us but we’re too busy on our cell phones to pay attention or even care.

    Once the permanent crisis is completed, once food and energy supply chains have been destroyed, once small business has been decimated and unemployment is rampant, once digital biometric IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies become mandatory… it will be too late to defend ourselves. The fourth industrial revolution, artificial intelligence, and hybrid humanoid robots will permanently enslave us while we wait for the eugenicists to finish us off.

    We need to organize our citizen resources NOW into one immense global resistance force. All of the separate freedom organizations competing for donations and their own little piece of the social justice turf must join forces, combine finances and coordinate an effective legal challenge. There is no room for competition in this war. The newly created freedom industry that feeds on public donations to sustain fear and despair must militarize a common resistance to defeat the public/private corporate super government that is driving the stakes of “stakeholder capitalism” into the heart of true freedom and democracy.

    Please do your part and organize locally to push this agenda forward. https://localresistance.org

  3. getting late in the game

    ” You burn your fucking cellphone.” RG
    Got that Liberal lapdogs?

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