BREAKING: Elderly Woman Rejected For Not Having “Her Papers”

2-tiered Ontario punishes an elderly lady based on a vaccine not preventing transmission or reducing deaths (Israel is spiking deaths w/ nearly 3 million boosters given) has begun. Vaccine passports reward the “good” & punish the “bad” = social credit system.

2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Elderly Woman Rejected For Not Having “Her Papers””

  1. Sad that this happened but it was actually good to see the worker was quite embarrassed and had to walk away, must have a conscience and knows this is wrong on so many levels!

    Please take your camera to other establishments, film these criminals and show the world how wrong this is!! (I’m just following orders or I’m just doing my job) is no excuse for ostracizing another human being for any reason.
    November 11 will be a very, very sad day this year, I for one know my grandfather will be turning in his grave. Shame on all those implementing this, and the bystanders deserve the same shaming!

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