Vaccine Passports, A Viral Video & The Implications…

Canada has slipped into a dark new era by introducing a discriminatory, 2-tiered vaccine passport system in many provinces. Yesterday, in Ontario, the day started with a viral video of an elderly woman being denied service in a restaurant.

What other losses of freedoms and tighter controls will come with this slippery slope into a social credit style system?

8 thoughts on “Vaccine Passports, A Viral Video & The Implications…”

  1. If you are comparing this useless “vaccine” to anything you are a moron. Its about money and control. That’s it!

    If you want to compare it to something you can compare it to mandatory abortions for climate control. That is the precedent that is being opened up by compliance.

    Bit by bit they will erode your freedoms and get more daring and mire invasive. Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, good lick getting it back in.

    The only way you can compare it to drunk driving is if the government pours booze down you neck a duct tapes your hands to the wheel you fucking tool.

  2. Yes, my granddaughter who is not vaccinated, ( she is fifteen) could not go into a restaurant with three vaccinated adults. That was in Ottawa today.

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