Fired Ethics Professor, Dr. Julie Ponesse, Shares Her Side of the Story

After standing firm to not vaccinate, Dr. Julie Ponesse shared a last lesson with her students in a video that went viral. She broke her official termination here. Listen to her full story here.

14 thoughts on “Fired Ethics Professor, Dr. Julie Ponesse, Shares Her Side of the Story”

  1. Thank you for your wisdom and inspiration and for having the courage to live according to what you know is right, come what may. It is urgent and critical that each of us take the necessary action to ensure we are able to live in a fair and just society.

  2. It may take a while, but you will be OK, Dr. Ponesse, for you will sleep soundly. I experienced professional trauma in my career for doing what was right, but never on this scale or in such a public light. I send you all my support and gratitude. Feeling less alone now…

  3. Not only are these draconian edicts to obediently roll up one’s sleeve and surrender one’s arm to an experimental synthetic genetic injection fraught with risks, a violation of medical privacy and the height of ethical bankruptcy, they’re scientifically baseless.

    Numerous eminent physicians and scientists have pointed out that the vaccines are failing and backfiring miserably poised to create mutations via selective pressure, and claims that the non-vaccinated are to blame are blatant Orwellian LIES.

    Meanwhile, “health” officialdom is committing medical FRAUD by deceptively classifying individuals who’ve received the first shot within three weeks or less as “unvaccinated.” I know many cases of people being seriously injured or even dying within hours, days of these shots. Claiming these vaccine victims were “non-vaccinated” to fear monger the public into taking these clot shots, is medical corruption and cover-up, pure and simple.

  4. This woman looms LARGE! Her powerful sincerity and clear logic will resonate very far, as did the passionate speech of Dr. Peter McCulloch when he scolded the medical bureaucracy for telling people to go home sick and call for help “when your lips turn blue”. We hear you loud & clear, Julie, keep on with your message…many are chiseling away at the massive lies.

  5. Please can you send Dr. Ponesse the following information –

    1. There is no pure isolative natural occurring SARSCoV2 virus as pointed out by Christine Massey as a result of her many freedom of information requests revealed.
    2. The PCR test was created from a mimic specimen; the test itself failed on 10 specific scientific/molecular points and is easily manipulated depending on what results you want.
    3. There never was a pandemic – 2 studies done at 2 different times can verify this.
    I have all of the necessary evidence to back up these claims.
    So no need for a vaccine.
    She needs to lay criminal charge against her ex employer extortion 246 (1) and violation of the privacy act and a host of other violations.
    Please give her my email address so that I can give her more specific information.
    Thank you.

  6. God Bless You, I am with you , you are doing what is right for you and what is right for society. I can identify so strongly with your comment that your conscience and intuition will not let you do anything else. I too will be most likely terminated by my employer of 31 years……I believe God has my back and yours …. It has got to get better for us. Please stay strong, you are an amazing person.

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