Boy With Post-Vax Headache for Hours Called “Little Drama Queen” by Mom

A mom mocked her young “little drama queen” son in a post today after his second vaccination because he was “crying for hours like a baby in his room screaming about a big headache.” Rather than raising alarm bells about a possible vaccine injury for the untested injection, the mom shrugged, “Whatever, its [sic] done.”

Covid-19 poses little risk to young people. So why are they being vaccinated?

And despite just 11 deaths in Canadian children aged 0-11, or just 0.04% of all 29,390 deaths, Ontario’s Health Minister Christine Elliot deceitfully stated November 23, 2021, that vaccines are “the safest way to save their lives.”

The vast majority of the 19 deaths in kids aged 0-19, or 0.05% of all deaths, occurred in children with an underlying condition(s).

Healthy children infected with Covid-19 have mild symptoms or none at all, as stated by the Mayo Clinic and a consensus evidenced around the world.

If the young child above was experiencing an adverse event, possibly a vaccine injury to the brain, this important safety signal was overlooked and may never been recognized and reported as an adverse event because of the fearmongering messaging and misinformation being delivered daily over the airwaves and internet.

Parents will hopefully investigate the Covid-19 jabs before putting their children into an experiment.

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  1. That woman does not deserve to be called a mother. She i a brainless idiot who should have child taken away.

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