Anita Krishna & Glen Jung Team Up for The Minority Report

Anita Krishna, fired GlobalNews newscast director, and Glen Jung have teamed up to bring you weekly reports on what’s happening around the world in their newscast, The Minority Report. Every week, we’ll take a look where people’s eyes need to be. From the Emergencies Act Inquiry to vaccine injuries to the rapid implementation of the vulturous WEF’s Great Reset plans, we’ll be bringing you snappy and informative 20-minute updates on what you need to know.

During the Ottawa Freedom Convoy, the world took notice of Anita February 12th, after her powerful Vancouver rally speech outing the mainstream media went viral (see clip below).

Enjoy the first episode and feel free to reach out to us at Website to go live soon. Follow us on Rumble!


3 thoughts on “Anita Krishna & Glen Jung Team Up for The Minority Report”

  1. I appreciate what you are doing.
    Watch the video and see if you agree with the following statement.
    It was interesting but frustrating when you both kept cutting each other off instead of just listening to what was being said.
    Irene Bryant

  2. Delighted to see the both of you in this new format and we Canadians need all the help we can get regarding not only medical tyranny ( that still many people don’t question ) , mandates in the hands of our hybrid government , and what seems to be missing and an elephant in the room for me, is the infrequent mentioning of the WEF with Trudeau , Singh, and Freeland grads of this agenda . As you now know , another grad of the WEF , Rishi Sunak , was possibly given the nod by King Charles ,another globalist and I have no doubt young trudeau wants to keep the idea of up to date injections going along with a CBDC system Compliments of the Bank of Canada who is collaborating with MIT.
    A liberal MP just days ago wrote to me suggesting that the WEF was a conspiracy theory . Why is this not openly talked about – their agenda is being rolled out right in front of us- all on the backs of the opportunity that covid gave them, and continues to be a great golden goose? Such a fire hose of lies and corruption in plan sight for those of us who dared to question . After looking at some segments of the Robert Kennedy doc about Tony Fauci and the FDA and the other alphabet agencies – I hope more and more comes to light for those of us who are questioning the narrative . It is quite an awakening and I’ll be watching what you both produce with great interest and I have no doubt it’ll be honest and informative. Thank you .

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