[INTERVIEW] How to Awaken Your Friends and Family – David Charalambous, Behavioural Expert

The Covid-19 fearmongering campaign, thought brutal in its cruelty in its abuse of human and constitutional rights, has been a masterful campaign in psychological manipulation, as deep rifts between family, friends and colleagues remain today and for the foreseeable future. David Charalambous, a behaviour and communications expert, joined us in Iguazu Falls, Brazil, at the World Covid-19 Congress to share some of the behavioural techniques, like nudging, mercilessly used by govts around the world to instill fear and manipulate compliance of the lockdown, mask and vaccine mandates.

As data and logic have fallen on deaf ears and angry eyes, Charalambous shares strategies on how to awaken family and friends. David can be reached at reachingpeople.net, where he also shares resources on the same topics.

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