BREAKING: CNN Operations Mgr Joins Project Veritas as Exec Producer

BREAKING: 25 Year @CNN Operations Manager Joins Project Veritas as Executive Producer

“[FBI raid] was the biggest abridgment to the 1st amendment”

“Had more conversations about ethical journalism [at Veritas] than I did probably in the last 10 years”

4 thoughts on “BREAKING: CNN Operations Mgr Joins Project Veritas as Exec Producer”

  1. Gord and BLN have been doing a fabulous job over these turbulent times.
    I have nothing but respect for their bravery to stand against main stream bullies .
    It is as if I am getting the best education – seeing things from another perspective : invaluable for maintenance of critical thinking skills ,in my opinion.

  2. Independent media has become essential to freedom,as we have just witnessed.
    Thanks to Gord and BLN and other sites that have been in the cross hairs such as True North and Rebel News.
    Any other independent news outlets reporting truth?

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