BREAKING: Trudeau Revokes Emergencies Act

Amid global criticism for his abusive power grab and overreach to remove the #FreedomConvoyCanada protest, Trudeau in a surprise move lifts Emergencies Act. #TruckersConvoy #TruckersForFreedom2022

The press conference has just ended.

4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Trudeau Revokes Emergencies Act”

  1. Is it just me, or did anyone else get the impression watching that clip that the Turd looks a little bit concerned?

    I think he stepped in it, and good. Time for him to have some sleepless nights.

    So… No one has the right to cause pain and impede anyone else’s lives, is that right, Turd?

    Did you forget about the railway blockades in 2019? How long did that last before you did something, you turd?

    Are you planning to do anything about the terrorist attack on the pipeline construction site in BC, Turd? That’s some honest to goodness impediment going on there, dontcha know?

    And you are lying when you said that the police didn’t have the tools to deal with the protest at the hill. When you send in the shock troops and arrest, catch, and release for what? Parking tickets? Mischief? Really? These were laws already in the books, and because no military was involved, it looked to me like law enforcement already had the tools to deal with this protest.

    Which means, you turd, that the EA was NOT NEEDED AT ALL. This was just a power grab, and even Rog Twit must know that by now.

    But we all know the real reason he pulled back the EA. It’s because the Senate wasn’t going to go along with this abominable attack on democracy, so he revokes the act just to save his sorry face.

    I’m sure the singe must be seething right now, because he sacrificed some pretty significant political capital to go along with this farce. Well… they’re both WEF members, dontcha-know…

    1. Bingo Bango.
      Turdo is never to walk the streets of Canada again.
      Same for the witch and meet puppet.
      Rogue twit is just a mealy mouthpiece for the above.

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