Trudeau’s ‘Tyranical Behaviour’ Makes Canada An International Laughingstock

Dr. Emad Guirguis discusses Canada’s fall from grace in the international community with Trudeau’s “tyrannical” Emergencies Act for illegally-parked, peaceful #FreedomConvoy truckers.

5 thoughts on “Trudeau’s ‘Tyranical Behaviour’ Makes Canada An International Laughingstock”

  1. Trudeau is evil to the core. He is no leader, he is a coward that has to lie and deceive in order to enact the Emergency Act. Wow that is bravery! It’s too bad that the NDP and the rest of the Liberals are such sheep that they can’t take a stand for something that is so blatantly wrong. Looks like that didn’t work out so well. People always find the truth.

    Is it any wonder he wants that censorship bill passed?

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  3. Great you have the video – keep the receipts so to speak – on Klaus Schwab and his agenda for the WEF with young trudeau and co.. since it apparently has disappeared .
    Wonder how many people even know what that means , or , if they have heard something about it , do they think it is a conspiracy theory?

  4. Now having been outed as being loyal to a foreign power why are half of this cabinet and other M of Parliament such as Singh not arrested and processed with a free election held?
    Where are our military leaders?

    1. Where are our military leaders. I thought the same thing over the past several weeks. I was waiting for some Generals to show up and save the Canadians that were being treated like criminals instead of peaceful demonstrators. Just goes to show you just how free we really are in the “True North Strong and Free”. This must be close to the largest most peaceful demonstration in the world., that is, until the hired thugs came in with full force violence.

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