2024 “Agreement” Would Give WHO Centralized Power Over Pandemic Responses

The WHO is working on an extraordinary and massive power grab, an “historic global accord on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response” that will “[increase] the WHO’s suffocating power to declare unjustified pandemics, impose dehumanizing lockdowns, and enforce expensive, unsafe and ineffective treatments against the will of the people.” In other words, if the WHO has th could potentially bec a centralized power that dictates global pandemic responses–superceding

The World Council for Health (WCH), a group of international experts, including doctors, scientists and lawyers, “believes that the people have a right to participate in any agreement that affects their lives, livelihoods and well-being” and is spearheading an initiative to stop this “agreement,” as outlined in their First Open Letter on the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty and headed by advocates of freedom, like Dr. Mark Trozzi, MD and lawyers Shabnam Palesa Mohamed and Michael Alexander.

The WHO, whose #1 and #2 donors are China and Bill Gates, respectively, is seeking to ratify its “agreement” by 2024: “Under the decision adopted today, the INB will hold its first meeting by 1 March 2022 (to agree on ways of working and timelines) and its second by 1 August 2022 (to discuss progress on a working draft). It will also hold public hearings to inform its deliberations; deliver a progress report to the 76th World Health Assembly in 2023; and submit its outcome for consideration by the 77th World Health Assembly in 2024.”

Dr. Mark Trozzi, MD, has been instrumental in advocating for medical freedoms during this unprecedented time information and human rights suppression. Read more about his writings on this topic here.

WCH First Open Letter on the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty
WCH First Open Letter on the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty
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19 thoughts on “2024 “Agreement” Would Give WHO Centralized Power Over Pandemic Responses”

  1. Forced vaccination for a virus with a 99.4 percent survival rate. We should have Nuremberg trials 2.0 for people that funded gain of function research, the researchers at Wuhan Institute of virology, media complicit in disinformation regarding safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. Pfizer just released of 9 pages of adverse reactions and still lack long term safety data.

    Pros to Nuremberg 2.0 trial

    -Hold governments and pharmaceutical companies liable for damages done by their product or mandates
    -stop gain of function research to prevent future outbreaks
    -hold corporations criminaly responsible for crimes against humanity
    -hold main stream media accountable for psychological damage to the world population. Yes watching propaganda 24/7 for 2 years has mental affects on people

    If you like the Chinese social credit score you are free to leave. Have fun in communist China or better yet go to north korea you will love it very much. I heard dog meat is delicious you should try it

    1. Yeah well the Social Credit Score needs to come here. There are too many trouble makers now in Canada that need to be brought under control. People need control, they want control. They are like sheep and a Shepard needs to guide them.

      1. “Mr. Trudeau, you are a disgrace for any democracy,” said German MEP Christine Anderson . “Please spare us your presence.”.

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      2. And here I thought you were finally coming around.
        What you define as trouble-makers, twit, is what is known as “Free Speech”, and is a basic, fundamental human right… a right you want to take away from us.
        “…Brought under control…”? Listen to yourself, Twit!
        “…People want control!” Twit, you’ve got some serious issues.
        Maybe you would have enjoyed living in Germany in the 30’s, but look what happened to them. It’s happening to us now, today! It’s also happening to you, whether you realize it or not!
        You’re the type that would say it’s ok to rob Peter to pay Paul, as long as you’re Paul. Peter may not like it so much, though. Maybe you should start looking at the world through that perspective, instead of your own, self-centered, authoritarian, and fascist eyes.

        Let’s see how well that social credit scoring system works when YOU FIND YOUR CREDIT has disappeared — STOLEN by big government!

        The ONLY SHEPARD that needs to guide me, is my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Anybody else that even tries to control me is a… say it with me now… A DICTATOR!!!

        I suppose that makes me a “trouble-maker,” Twit. Right?

  2. Amazing, this is exactly what we should have had during the pandemic to force those that did not want the vaccine. I say force them or charge them for criminal negligence. So different than drunken drivers on the road killing people. If someone gets sick from them I say charge them with attempted murder if they are hospitalized.

    We need to establish a social credit system like China. I think it does wonders for identifying the trouble makers in society and punishing them accordingly. Those that do the right thing such as getting vaccinated can then be rewarded. My thoughts are establishing fines and things of that nature to those that misbehave and transfer money to those that are good citizens.

    It promotes good behavior in a variety of instances
    It rewards morality and punishes corruption
    It could potentially make Canada a safer place to live and work
    It may increase each citizen’s positive effect on society
    It holds people and companies accountable for their actions

    1. Canadians such as the Twit are welcome to emigrate to China and fulfill the WEF mandates of Dear Leader Turdo and his WEF trustee Freeland.
      The rest of us want to be free to speak and move and live according to the principles laid down in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Constitution.
      See ya,Twit. You will enjoy living in a Communist shit hole.
      The rest of us prefer Canada pre-WEF takeover under Dear Leader and the Witch.

      1. I rest my case Max. People like you is the reason why a Social Credit system would improve our society. It will make Canada safer and people more compliant which will allow us to better move forward for everyone.

        I find it rather amusing that the @CPC_HQ is accusing @JustinTrudeau of being a dictator. The closest time Canada came to being a dictatorship was under @stephenharper when he prorogued Parliament, twice, to avoid a non-confidence vote he was sure to lose

        1. Everyone knows but you,Twit.
          Certainly,the European Parliament has shown more insight and courageous integrity in a FEW HOURS then you have in your life time.
          You are so far up Justin’s rear end you can’t see but that smell of whom and what you represent is overwhelmingly obvious.
          The Turd and his Witch will never be welcome on the streets of Canada ever again.
          Not welcome in Canada,Europe,not welcome in America.Nobody wants WEF lackeys but the likes of you.
          Perhaps we can send them to Davos earlier than expected and give us our country back from the globalists they serve.

        2. Max… Remember… In Rog’s world, the Twit is Prosecutor, Judge, Jury, and executioner.

          ROFLOLOLOL. Harper a “dictator” for proroguing Parliament! This is too much!
          And just how long was Parliament shut down during this “emergency,” Twit?

          “Safer and more compliant.” Hitler, Pol-Pot, Mussolini, Marx, Lenin, Mao, Castro, Chavez, Maduro, Amin… The list goes on, and on, and on… They all though the same thing, Twit.

    2. Rog believes that the citizens are slaves to the state. IT’S THE OTHER WAY AROUND, TWIT, but go ahead… Live your life in tyranny.

      Listen, Twit… and listen good! THE STATE CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT THE PEOPLE! You cannot have a country without people. If people would disappear, what do you think would happen to the country? It would also disappear.

      Now is the reverse also true? Can people exist without a state? Any half-twit with the name of Rog should realize that people HAVE existed without the state, and managed not only to survive, but thrive.

      The Twit wants to charge unvaccinated people with ATTEMPTED MURDER if someone, who is fully vaccinated, gets sick! Right! Go and prove it in court… but oh, I forgot, in Rog’s world, you would have to PROVE your innocence… JUST LIKE IN CHINA!!!

      I really believe those lipids from all those boosters have penetrated the Twit’s blood/brain barrier. He’s showing all the symptoms.

      Can you just imagine what life would be like in such a system? Just ask the millions of Chinese citizens currently in lock-down because of the next wave. Millions of supposedly “vaccinated” people CAN’T EVEN LEAVE THEIR HOMES TO SHOP FOR FOOD! They have to HAVE IT DELIVERED, and the waiting list is OVER A MONTH!

      That’s the society the Twit wants to bring to Canada.

  3. Maybe the twit can enlighten us:

    Number of people who left Canada in the 4th annual quarter at almost 50-year high
    Cosmin Dzsurdzsa – March 29, 2022
    According to Statistics Canada estimates, emigration out of the country was up throughout 2021, rising to the highest it has been in decades.

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  5. What can an ordinary citizens do?? Please give us practical ways to help. I pray against this evil in my prayers. I am not well connected and do not enjoy researching but still like to do something.

    1. Become an activist. Join a group. I joined Action4Canada, but there are other equally passionate groups that share your desire. Remember that whatever happens, you are not alone.
      In the meantime, continue to pray.

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