19 thoughts on “Judge Rules for Crown on Hillier – Free Speech for All Under Attack”

  1. I never thought that I would witness our country being attacked from within, may God give us the strength to win this war!

    1. Nor did the Cubans, Russians, Chinese and 1930’s Germans to name a few.
      It happens, and it’s happening. I try to explain this to my fellow Canadians, but I guess if the PM has nice hair and nice socks it’s hard to believe.

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  2. How could Hillier agree? Is he in on it? He went in saying he would stay in jail, rather than lose his freedoms, what happened? Why is everyone turning tables here. So it is true, we are living in a communistic society. And those in the European Union, blasting trudope, and asking for him to step down, good for them.

    1. Well … Randy does have a temper and maybe he did ‘slip up’ a little this time.
      He attends so many events, we should be surprised that they haven’t found more excuses to enact their LAWFARE. That is all this is … LAWFARE plain and simple.

    1. Those mRNA gene therapy injections Trudeau and Freeland have ordered (nine for every Canadian alive) will come in handy this fall when they lock this country down and destroy it.

  3. This is terribly troubling travesty!
    Just as troubling is that the masses find that this is no big fuss.
    Society is in deep coma!

  4. What a load of shit. Masks and vaccines are complete tyrannical nonsense so this ruling does not surprise how mindless even judges in this country prove themselves to be.
    Another mindless ruling by another twit.

  5. What a load of garbage! Justice is dead in Canada if a judge is so corrupt as to condemn free speech!

      1. All the judges have been given orders by turdope to punish all those involved in the rally, including Hillier. And they are doing just that. So the war measures act is still not over.

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