[LIVE TONIGHT 7 PM] Covid-19: Public Health Threat or Agenda?

Join Dr. Sam Dubé, MD, PhD, at 7 pm tonight, as he moderates a panel featuring Dr. Michael Palmer, a board-certified MD in Medical Microbiology who has worked with Sucharit Bakdi, and Dr. Syed Haider, an MD in Internal Medicine who was the first US physician to widely use Fluvoxamine for COVID-19 starting in February 2021.

This exciting panel will discuss red flags raised by the govt and public health that caused each of the doctors to question the validity and effectiveness of the Covid-19 response and the ultimate reason for locking down and coercing the world with unsafe vaccines at the expense of trampled constitutional rights and freedoms. The discussion will conclude with potential solutions out of, what many have called, a path to tyranny.

18 thoughts on “[LIVE TONIGHT 7 PM] Covid-19: Public Health Threat or Agenda?”

  1. “Regardless of the fact that we are attacking your fundamental rights, or limiting your fundamental rights, and the Charter says that’s wrong, we’re still gonna go ahead and do it”
    Turdo the Traitor

    1. Exactly. Right! You clearly know the truth
      Canadians need to stand strong against dictatorship.

  2. “Vaccine doesn’t work.”
    “Vaccine is harmful.”
    “The vaccines are not safe. Not safe at all.”
    “The vaccinated have negative efficacy creating a population that needs endless vaccination.”
    “Covid was only ever a pretext for tyranny.”
    “Covid might end but they will not let go the agenda of tyranny.”
    PCR tests are a fraud. Vax passes and Vax mandates that were denied and then implemented. QR codes and then a social credit system like the Chinese model.
    Psychological tyranny. Govt control. Limiting freedoms. Limiting the population.
    No end to the push for a fourth and fifth vaccine in adults and vaccines for toddlers and children. “Safe and Effective.” says Health Canada.
    Trudeau,Freeland ,Tam and provincial health ministers are all complicit in this agenda.
    “A handful of people trying to pull the strings.”
    “Here in Canada things are not good.”
    “Utterly shocked what is going on in Australia and Canada. It is like dictatorships such as North Korea.”
    “Be wary of what is coming next.”
    “Canada has taken the next step in tyranny.”
    “We don’t know what will happen next.”
    “People have to fight before even worse happens.”
    “People running things look pretty inhuman.”
    “There are horrible,horrible things going on-with foreknowledge.”
    “There are hundreds of millions of people across the world that are vaccine injured.”
    “We have to hold the criminals that did this to us-they have to be brought to justice-hundreds of millions of people have been harmed-something along the lines of a Nuremberg trial. Hold the govt accountable.”

  3. Thank you for being a voice of truth. You are making a difference!! My whole family has woke up and 50% of my friends. Having professionals like yourselves speak out makes a difference. Please keep doing what you’re doing <3

    1. Blagoja Velkovski

      There was not Pandemic but Plandemic. 1. Bill Gates and Faucci.2. World Health Organization.3. Many Governments in the World 4. Media. It was Criminal activities and Genocide against Humanity.
      Canada’s and Australian Government are perfect example of Dictatorshio. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing and keep continuing what you doing. God bless you.

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