[LIVE TONIGHT 7 PM] Covid-19: Public Health Threat or Agenda?

Join Dr. Sam Dubé, MD, PhD, at 7 pm tonight, as he moderates a panel featuring Dr. Michael Palmer, a board-certified MD in Medical Microbiology who has worked with Sucharit Bakdi, and Dr. Syed Haider, an MD in Internal Medicine who was the first US physician to widely use Fluvoxamine for COVID-19 starting in February 2021.

This exciting panel will discuss red flags raised by the govt and public health that caused each of the doctors to question the validity and effectiveness of the Covid-19 response and the ultimate reason for locking down and coercing the world with unsafe vaccines at the expense of trampled constitutional rights and freedoms. The discussion will conclude with potential solutions out of, what many have called, a path to tyranny.

23 thoughts on “[LIVE TONIGHT 7 PM] Covid-19: Public Health Threat or Agenda?”

  1. “Regardless of the fact that we are attacking your fundamental rights, or limiting your fundamental rights, and the Charter says that’s wrong, we’re still gonna go ahead and do it”
    Turdo the Traitor

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  2. Many Canadians are saying the Liberals have done a great job since 2015 handling one crisis after another at home and abroad. We are fortunate to have Prime Minister Trudeau. Conservatives have turned into a angry mob against everything good for Canadians.

    The hate that PMJT faces on a daily basis is beyond reason yet he remains calm, full of compassion and kindness. #IStandWithTrudeau #NeverVoteConservative #ConservativesAreNazis #RightWingPolicticsIsEvil #ConservativesAreRacist #TrudeauIsTruth

    1. Well Rog , that many Canadians you refer to are very hard to find. Of all the people I have asked , not one will admit to voting for the Turd. For that matter not one has anything good to say about him. Taking this country so far in debt handing out money to entities outside Canada does not benefit anyone in Canada, it just causes higher inflation. Turd boy is also very good at lying through his teeth, there are way too many examples. Bad enough that he perpetuates the lies about Covid but he also imprisons the unvaccinated, by not allowing them to leave the country, by choice, to get away from Turd boys illegal dictates. Yep , he sure has improved the country, by digging the biggest hole that not even our grandchildren can escape. There will be a revolution in this country and he is the first target!

      1. Precisely,Rob.
        Freeland will be in the cross hairs of Canadians because as Dr. Robert Malone so rightfully says that Freeland has much bigger balls than Turdo.
        As a Trustee of the WEF and given her Nazi family past that is now obvious.
        Canada is the only country in the world that has segregated its citizens based on whether one accepted a poison death shot-or not.
        Viva Frei did a poll on twitter in response to Trudeau CBC sycophants on whether they thought Turdo was a dictator or not.
        Only 11% said he was not-which was probably due to the Twit spending a full day voting hundreds of times.

        1. I fucking take full offense to your comments. Stop making up lied. Accusing good people that are working hard for Canadians will get you no where. I am so offended by your comments that I consider this harassment. I also suspect there are more sinister plans at bay. I get the feeling thids website is just a tool for terrorists and criminals of Canada to get in contact with each other. As a result I called the police and told them how you people have harassed and bullied me. Once discovered I wish to pursue criminal charges.

          1. OOOOOHHHH… The Twit has been “OFFENDED!” He’s being HARRASSED, and we’re all TERRORISTS AND CRIMINALS!


            And why not, Twit! You’ve been trolling us ever since this whole affair started. If you don’t want to be “HARRASSED”, then STAY AWAY! However, if you want to continue to spread your excrement, then YOU SHOULD EXPECT WHAT YOU’RE GETTING.

            If you can’t stand the heat, Twit, then STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN!

            I’m pretty damn sure that the cop must have snickered when you filed your “complaint,” but after what I witnessed from the police, I would expect a summons appearing at my doorstep at any time, because that’s the truly utopian society you want all of us to live in. You want every single Canadian to live like prisoners, unless they COMPLY. Twit… THAT’S THE VERY DEFINITION OF A DICTATORSHIP. THAT’S WHAT YOU ARE ADVOCATING FOR!

            I just can’t believe you are that dense! Cognitive Dissonance is a mental disorder, Twit. GO GET SOME HELP!


            Hey… that’s some mighty fine harassment right there, even if I do say so myself. Wouldn’t you agree, Twit???

    2. Rog defines “many” as 20%. That’s how many Canuckistans voted for the Turd in the last election.

      I wonder if it’s the same amount of people that listened to the Turd’s speech over at the EUP! You know… the speech that the CBC reported the turd receiving a standing ovation… with 1/5 of the parliamentarians in attendance? The rest walked out on the Turd, but the CBC made it a point to emphasize that the Galleries were full. Full of what, I wonder… Full of something… just not Parliamentarians!

      I guess I answered my own question!

      And there go the hashtags again. I wonder how many of them are real? I wouldn’t know. I don’t do Twatter!

      The Turd and the Twit! What a combo! Sooner or later, the Twit will join the real world and realize that the Turd is nothing but an empty suit. He’s a puppet, with the Fraulein pulling his strings, but the real power is coming from Klaus Schwabb and the WEF. That’s who the Turd is really working for. The Turd couldn’t give two “turds” for the Canadian people, and that includes the Twit!

  3. I’m really proud that Justin Trudeau got a standing ovation at the European Union. He really is the worlds most progressive leader and he’s our very own Prime Minister right here at home in Canada.

    Justin Trudeau also gave one of the best speeches of his career. I was impressed. Pity the right just want to tear things down and don’t appreciate how fortunate we are. #StandWithTrudeau

    Conservativism and Left Wing nut jobs need to be banned from running in politics in our country. They are threatening our democracy, they are greedy and only care about corporations, and finally they are racist and facist. Maxime is one of the biggest racists of them all, he likes to hang out with Nazi skinheads. He should be charged with a hate crime and imprisoned. He is the French version of Hitler.

    1. Randy Szymkowski

      Obviously you are a victim of Mass Formation Psychosis. During the 2019 federal election the candidates running in the PCC party were as racially and culturally diverse as the Liberal party. THAT IS AN IRREFUTABLE FACT! The candidate running in Ottawa against Katherine McKenna was a black lesbian member of the LGBT movement. It would appear that you are living in an inverse reality.

    2. Hi Rog, can you please send me a link to Trudeau’s standing ovation? I have not seen it yet. All I can find is the opposite. Thanks


      “The CBC claimed that Justin Trudeau received a standing ovation for his speech in the EU, failing to mention that over nine-tenths of the parliament left in protest before he began.”

      “Trudeau’s speech focused on “democracy,” despite several Members of the European Parliament calling Trudeau an authoritarian “dictator,” a “disgrace,” and telling him he has no place in talking about democratic principles after his tyrannical handling of the Freedom Convoy.”

      1. You are just jealous about Trudeau and his team because they are the best leaders Canada has ever had in the past 25 years and beyond. Why can’t you get that in your thick skull. It’s people like you that should not have the right to vote. Let the big adults decide what is best for the country, you are too much of a child to understand that. That being said you still should have the right even if you are a vagrant to society. Having a social credit system would at least identify that and help contain and discredit dangerous people like you. Leave us alone! We Canadians believe in Trudeau and your “fringe” minority opinion is not welcome in this country. Fix your attitude or please go somewhere like North Korea where you will get the proper treatment you deserve. I do not consider you a Canadian and thus your opinion is null. Get with the program of democracy!!!!

        1. Projection. Again, Projection. The twit can’t come up with a counterpoint, so he has to resort to insults and name calling. The twit once again shows his authoritarian nature by DENYING THE RIGHT TO VOTE to people WHO WOULDN’T VOTE FOR THE TURD.

          That’s called a One-Party state, twit. In other words, A DICTATORSHIP!

          More projection. WE’RE the “CHILDREN”, and ONLY ADULTS can decide what’s best for the country.

          “We shouldn’t have the right to vote…but we should have the right to vote.” That’s a very convincing argument, twit. You must have been a member of the debating team. /sarc.

          Yes, we need to “IDENTIFY VAGRANTS OF SOCIETY with A SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM.” Even the Turd must be wishing that people like the twit should just shut up. He’s revealing too much of their agenda!

          Yes, the “Fringe Minority” are NOT WELCOME in this all inclusive, and “democratic” country of Canada. The Turd doesn’t like dissenters. Only compliant sheep like the twit,.

          No, Twit. YOU should be going to North Korea. They have a society you would most enjoy. Everyone complies, and there’s no opposition to the state. They also have mass starvation, but no one would dare critisize Kim.

          Or how about China, Twit? The turd L-O-V-E-S China! He loves their “basic dictatorship!” HE EVEN SAID SO HIMSELF!!! You’d love it there, Twit. Right now millions of Chinese can’t even leave their homes to shop for food!

          You heard the twit. We’re NOT CANADIANS, and so our opinions are null and void! The twit’s definition of democracy is somewhat warped, wouldn’t you say? I’d say it’s completely upside down. In what Universe is your version of society a democracy, twit? Perhaps the same universe where black is white, up is down, left is right, the sky is a rose-colored red, good is evil, and vice-versa.

          Did you call the cops on me yet, Twit???

    3. First of all, less than 200 out of a possible 700 EUP’s attended that speech. The rest walked out on the turd. Out of those that remained, at least 6 parliamentarians spoke out against the Turd. One of them calling him a dictator to his face, but I expect that the Twit thinks those EUP’s are the real Nazis.

      We’ll see how “fortunate” we all are when we can no longer afford to buy groceries, provided we still have groceries to buy, or afford to fill our gas tanks.

      But the turd would tell people who can no longer afford $2/ltr gas to go out and buy a $80,000 electric vehicle, with limited range, especially with our Canadian winters!

      And there goes the mini Pol-Pot again… wanting full-on authoritarian dictatorship by banning opposition parties. Geez, Twit. Why not just dissolve Parliament? That’s what they just did in Tunisia. Shouldn’t be a problem… we already had a trial run when the tyrannical dictator wannabe shut down parliament during the “emergency.”

      And to add to the Twit’s litany, including cognitive dissonance, we now see the Twit engaging in Projection, calling just about everybody who doesn’t agree with the Twit, “Nazi Skinheads, Racists, and facist (sic)” (The Twit is having problems with spelling again.)

      Tell me, Twit… What has Max done to solicit such slanderous “charges” of racism in your eyes? What, Twit? Cite one quote that Max uttered to justify the charge of racism? What justifies the charge of being a “French Hitler?”

      Twit… if you don’t know the definition of the word “slander”, I suggest you look it up in a dictionary. If you don’t have one, go out and buy the book. If you can’t afford the book, you’re so prepped on the internet, you can look up definitions on-line.

      Wouldn’t the police like to know what you’ve been doing on this forum, Twit?
      Why don’t you call them back and explain it to them?

      You’re really one piece of work, Twit. The turd should be so proud to have you on his side! Your posts are laughable, and I’m sure if the Turd knew the kind of people who are defending him, he might even wonder if he’s really the baddie!

  4. “Vaccine doesn’t work.”
    “Vaccine is harmful.”
    “The vaccines are not safe. Not safe at all.”
    “The vaccinated have negative efficacy creating a population that needs endless vaccination.”
    “Covid was only ever a pretext for tyranny.”
    “Covid might end but they will not let go the agenda of tyranny.”
    PCR tests are a fraud. Vax passes and Vax mandates that were denied and then implemented. QR codes and then a social credit system like the Chinese model.
    Psychological tyranny. Govt control. Limiting freedoms. Limiting the population.
    No end to the push for a fourth and fifth vaccine in adults and vaccines for toddlers and children. “Safe and Effective.” says Health Canada.
    Trudeau,Freeland ,Tam and provincial health ministers are all complicit in this agenda.
    “A handful of people trying to pull the strings.”
    “Here in Canada things are not good.”
    “Utterly shocked what is going on in Australia and Canada. It is like dictatorships such as North Korea.”
    “Be wary of what is coming next.”
    “Canada has taken the next step in tyranny.”
    “We don’t know what will happen next.”
    “People have to fight before even worse happens.”
    “People running things look pretty inhuman.”
    “There are horrible,horrible things going on-with foreknowledge.”
    “There are hundreds of millions of people across the world that are vaccine injured.”
    “We have to hold the criminals that did this to us-they have to be brought to justice-hundreds of millions of people have been harmed-something along the lines of a Nuremberg trial. Hold the govt accountable.”

  5. Thank you for being a voice of truth. You are making a difference!! My whole family has woke up and 50% of my friends. Having professionals like yourselves speak out makes a difference. Please keep doing what you’re doing <3

    1. Blagoja Velkovski

      There was not Pandemic but Plandemic. 1. Bill Gates and Faucci.2. World Health Organization.3. Many Governments in the World 4. Media. It was Criminal activities and Genocide against Humanity.
      Canada’s and Australian Government are perfect example of Dictatorshio. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing and keep continuing what you doing. God bless you.

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