Woman From Viral Video Explains Refusing Proof of Vaccination

Ontario entered the unscientific and unconstitutional era of vaccine passports on October 1st, and one group of 6 asserted their rights with police to successfully refuse providing proof of vaccination.

Join us for an interview with Jody Ledgerwood of gameoncanada.org, as she explains the rights she asserted to help her continue dining.

20 thoughts on “Woman From Viral Video Explains Refusing Proof of Vaccination”

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  3. The rights of restaurant owners. If any food establishment decides to comply with new restrictions they should have the “Right” to. They can refuse service to people for much less than a vaccination record. Many establishments have “No Shoes – No Shirt – No Service”. Is Jody going after them. Or the more high end places that have stricter dress codes like wearing a blazer or whatever. Is she attacking them. They are only following the policies they have adopted. That is their right.

    No what she did in the food court was befuddle a probably grossly underpaid security person and what for? She got to grab some food at Taco Bell. What an accomplishment. Must be on the same scale as solving world hunger!! She must be so proud.

    People going to food services establishments all have rights. You have the right to comply with all the rules of the establishment or the right to go somewhere else if you don’t like the rules. As long as the rules do not discriminate against an individual based on race, religion, sexual preference – our basic rights then not allowing people in based on vaccination record is not discrimination. You are not being admitted due to a personal choice. We all need to take ownership of our personal choices and live with the consequences and not blame others.

    As far as her comment on getting the name of the person giving you a shot? Do not understand that. I booked the appointments, I willingly went in and sat down and rolled up my sleeve. I knew that FDA approval had not been made yet. My decision!! Any consequence of that I have to own. To try to get people to blame others for personal choices does not only show incredible stupidity, talk like that is dangerous.

    1. Tell me how you feel about these mandates that are against our rights after July of 2022

  4. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. I printed off my vaccination record from the provincial website. It has my name, age and dates and type of vaccine I received and that’s all. I did a few copies, one for my wallet and one for the car and extras just in case. I don’t consider so much as an intrusion on my rights but more of a public safety requirement. I will gladly show it to anyone who asks to make going anywhere hassle free. Other than not going through all the legislative processes how is it any different that having to produce your id to get on a plane or your drivers license to the police if you’re stopped? This pandemic has not brought out the best in us. Yes it’s been hard on everyone. But I think everyone needs to get a friggin grip. Race, religion, age, gender discrimination are rights we must care about. Jody can pull out all the laws and documents she wants. I don’t care. If there is a chance I can prevent getting covid and possibly dying it is my right to do what I can. If I am one of those that refuse to get the vaccine and contract covid and die – oh well too bad – you’ll be dead right and no sympathy here!!

    1. These so-called “vaccines,” and the passports, have NOTHING TO DO with “public safety.” They DON’T STOP infections or transmission, therefore coercing everyone to get them is PURE EVIL.

    2. That’s funny. Been going for 2 years now. No mask, no sanitizer, no bullshit ” vaccine”. Seems only the vaccinated are dropping dead. So no sympathy here either.

    1. I would like to give a heartfelt thank you for all the work this group has done to help so many people. I hope everyone will find these precious documents in order to help them succeed to win this fight against this tyrannical government that we are all facing in these dark times. We will win because light is shining on the darkness.
      Please share share and share.

  5. We’re looking for a flashcard or rights. Point form and easy to recite. Not everyone has time to study this even though it is so important.

  6. Vladeta Jericevic

    It would be great if there was a PDF file that people can download and print or keep on their phones – with all those laws/sections of the laws that can be used in fighting for our freedoms and educating the “law” enforcing officers.

  7. Awesome I wish more people knew this and I remember learning everything about it all in school in the sixties I really hope and pray that the school system brings back this kind of education and stop teaching children that non of this is true.

  8. There not allowing me to share or comment on this exact video, that a freids shared of it , of this video on Facebook. Just saying. Thank you 😊💓 keep up the good help, your giving to all,to find strength in or fright for our rights and freedoms

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