[TRAILER] Dr. Patrick Phillips Will Continue to Speak Out on Harms of Covid Response, Despite Restrictions on Practice

Ontario physician, @DrP_MD, had his practice restricted by the @cpso_ca on Sept. 17 for speaking out against the harms of the Covid response to his patients. He shares his side of the story here.


7 thoughts on “[TRAILER] Dr. Patrick Phillips Will Continue to Speak Out on Harms of Covid Response, Despite Restrictions on Practice”

  1. Thank God for Doctors like you who don’t sell their souls for the mighty dollar. Very encouraging to listen to you and we believe in you. You are truly a genuine great Doctor who gives us hope. I hope you write a book and expose the truth. If you start a private practice you will be overwhelmed with patients willing to pay out of pocket for true, honest healthcare. Thank you for your honesty and speaking out.


    Nice to see a Dr. with morality left and for the people not for the $$$ and big pharma.

    1. In my view Doctor Phillip is a very courageous, intuitive and intelligent man who has a conscience that doesn’t let him go to the dark side and take part in the mainstream narrative propaganda. He is very well informed individual and wants the truth to come out. It takes a hell of a lot more courage to speak out against the corrupt establishment than to keep quiet and be under the radar.. Cuddos to you Doctor Phillips. Now that’s what I call a real doctor. « first do no harm to your patients »

  3. I am financially compromised at present and unable to contribute but if you can explain the snalles amount required I would consider it very seriously to cope.?
    I am a registered Occupational Health and Family Physician Specialist working in Eswatini (Swaziland) trying to do what I can on a minimum income (currently about 4-5000 Rand per month.

  4. Ashok TJaisinghani

    💥Are VACCINES spreading the COVID-19 Pandemic⁉ In New Delhi, one of India’s TOP Doctors, the FAMOUS Padma Shree Award Winner, Dr K K Agrawal’s DEATH due to COVID-19, after getting the 2 doses of the VACCINE, seems to indicate that!!
    🔥Strangely, Dr K K Agrawal had given many lectures on COVID-19 before his DEATH and he was also one of the most important PROMOTERS of the COVID-19 Vaccines in India! It is very IRONIC that Dr K K Agrawal got KILLED by the very COVID-19 Vaccines, which he was promoting very staunchly!!

  5. If you need ANYTHING. I’ll do Absolutely whatever I can for you. That means a Roof over you & your Family’s Heads, along with Food or any possible Scenario you (And your Family) may need support with. DO NOT! Hesitate to reach out and allow me to give you a private means of contacting me.
    Thank you for letting your Integrity/Decency/Empathy and whatever it is inside that made you want to become and Ulimately be a Doctor. I am starting to feel more Optimism because of you and all the other Health Care Providers that are allowing that inner thing that brought you all to a life of Selflessness and Effort toward Betterment of Humanity. Along with all the People from every walk of life who see what’s Truly happening and are giving so much of themselves to prevent the Destruction of the things that make us better as Individual’s allowing the probability of a Humane Society across the Globe.
    You are a Good Man as well as a Good Doctor.
    Thank you

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