Western University Campus Police Limit Rally Against Mask/Booster Mandates to UWO Community Only

A tweet from students4agency, the University of Western Ontario student group opposed to the upcoming mask and booster mandates, reports that their noon on-campus rally today has been limited to students, parents, faculty, alumni and speakers for “safety concerns.”

The unconstitutional and unscientific mandates have faced severe backlash from outraged students, parents and the public, as other universities in Canada seem to be following the science, not instituting such mandates.

Not only are young adults at very low risk from the mild Omicron variant, evidence from around the world is showing in the dangers of the experimental gene therapy. Excess deaths are being reported in highly vaccinated countries and spikes in “sudden deaths” and several diseases, especially myocarditis and pericarditis in the young, are being reported in unprecedented numbers and most alarmingly outside of normal age risk categories. Most notably, Denmark recently restricted the use of covid-19 “vaccines” for people under age 18 due to increased population immunity, that is, the effectiveness of natural immunity, and the risks of the “vaccines” with many countries having outright banned the AstroZeneca shots due to safety concerns.

4 thoughts on “Western University Campus Police Limit Rally Against Mask/Booster Mandates to UWO Community Only”

  1. If mandates are approved at Western Ont., I wouldn’t even go there as there are other universities just as good, it goes to show how smart or ignorant they are you. Professors probably wouldn’t teach well because of feeling under the iron fist, besides be a politician, you don’t have to be smart or creative you only need an arrogant aptitude oops arrogant attitude

  2. Nobody talks about the Blackface regime’s illegal blockade on gold standard treatments like IVM, HCQ, and other cheap, safe and effective drugs proven effective around the world in early 2020. The C19 gene therapy injections should never have received ’emergency authorization’; other treatments already existed. We never needed the billion dollar hi-tech shots and still don’t. We have been conditioned to remain hyper-focused on a single dysfunctional and dangerous experimental medical product while ignoring the other treatment options. The C19 drama could have ended in 2020 if Canada had an ethical and competent health care with a focus on quality patient care instead of blind, officious obedience to incoherent and corrupted diktats from on high. Their cowardly moral failure resulted in thousands of unnecessary deaths. Eighty-five percent of C19 deaths in Canada could have been prevented using the drugs Blackface prohibited, and now his shots are killing thousands more. As Eduard Dowd has been saying; the numbers show ‘Democide’.

  3. Follow the money!
    If you thought Western was an independent university, think again.
    Wiens brood men eet diens woord men spreekt

  4. Follow the money! Western university received millions in grant money.
    Quotation from Debora Van Brenk, March 06, 2020
    “Two Western research teams have been named key players in an accelerated national effort to understand and control the spread of COVID-19.
    Projects led by Anita Kothari and Maxwell Smith were named as part of a $26.7-million suite of grants announced today by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research to fast-track a comprehensive Canadian response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).”
    Follow the money not the science, unless of course they are mad scientist using the students as their personal Guinea pigs.

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