[TRAILER] A Citizens’ Hearing

*Bright Light News is honoured to have created the trailer for this historic event and would like to thank the CCCA for their trust in sharing their important vision.

Real stories from Canadians who did what they were asked. To hear more stories, visit citizenshearing.ca.

From June 22-24, 2022, 57 Canadians shared heartbreaking stories and detailed accounts of how govt responses to Covid-19 impacted their lives. Pfizer whistleblower researcher, Brook Jackson, also joined the vaccine injured, now ignored and shamed, parents, experts, like Drs. Julie Ponesse, Francis Christian and Patrick Phillips, federal employees, small business owners and university students impacted by pandemic mandates, lawyers, like Sam Preslesvos and Shawn Buckley as well as publicly elected officials, like Dean Allison, speaking on behalf of their affected constituents.

[Available in 8 languages. Click “CC” in the video player.]

This historic and extraordinary glimpse into the devastating effects on the lives and livelihoods of everyday Canadians is both an important collection of evidence into govts’ unscientific and unconstitutional handling of a mild virus and a painfully necessary insight to ensure accountability for those responsible so Canadians will never again suffer such similar plights. The esteemed 3-day panel included Preston Manning, former leader of the federal opposition (1997 to 2000), Dr. Susan Natsheh, MD, pediatrician, and David Ross, president of the Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA) and moderator and award-winning journalist, Trish Wood. A Citizens’ Hearing was held by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance and organized by Sonya Anderson.

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5 thoughts on “[TRAILER] A Citizens’ Hearing”

  1. So many lives existence and quality of life could have been saved if the censored doctors of science had been allowed to present the true science and the truth of these experimental injections and ramifications. Also the law of The Canadian Charter of Rights spoken in great witness by Brian Peckford, former MP who contributed to the creation of it being acknowledged and followed by the Government. Also, the witness of it presented by local Randy Hillier, MP during the trucker’s convoy on Parliament Hill this past winter. This all should have been broadcasted on CBC and all media, all newspapers…but it was not allowed by them since they are all controlled by the Government and big Pharma benefiting $$$.

  2. Barrett Starratt

    Why can you not make a video without the dam music as a distraction.. I cannot enjoy the information that you present because of the dam music.
    If I wanted a musical, I would put on the sound of ;music.
    I DESIRE INFORMATION…………………………music is readily available everywhere….

    1. If you desired information you would be chock-a-block full of it,Barratt.
      Instead,you blame BLN that provides the information you say you desire.
      This shot program has provided endless stories of adverse effects on people.
      The evidence is overwhelming and my thanks to BLN for educating us all.

  3. My heart bleeds for the affected ones in any way, my heart will not bleed for the ones that deliberately caused on this rope with truth

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