Waterloo Police Officer Says #EndTheMandates

A Waterloo Police Officer, on unpaid leave for choosing to remain vaccine-free, says #EndTheMandates.

3 thoughts on “Waterloo Police Officer Says #EndTheMandates”

  1. Every military member ,police,first responder and health care practicioner that steps up is another nail in Turdo’s coffin.

    1. Hi, I am a veteran, served this country for 20 years, my son is serving and my Uncle is a WW11 veteran still living. I have been very active in standing up for our rights and freedoms, and our truckers, wishing I could get to Ottawa. I have written the GG to have trudope fired, written MP’s and I wrote all the Premiers this past week. I agree 100% with you, if everyone across the board stood up for each other, say for instance in the police force, if they want to let go the unvaxxed, than every police officer quits, same with fire, ambulance, health care workers, everywhere. If Canadians stood together like a sport team does, or in the military, we would be out of this mess! I will call out all those workers that failed to stand up for their fellow workers and let them lose their job – that is selfish and speaks to me of what type a person they are – kiss ass with no brain.

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