17 thoughts on “LIVE: Dr. Bridle Invites Dr. Theresa Tam to Debate – 1 pm Today”

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      1. So far,Dr. Alexander is presenting the facts of how children suicided and self-harmed by locking them down and closing them to society.
        Kids that were poor did not have the food to live because schools were closed.
        The Legacy Media and govt lackeys are being shown to be the traitors,liars and how they destroyed the very lives of the children ,poor and vulnerable.
        Twenty minutes in and it is very clear why the govt and media lackeys never showed up. What a disgrace and tragedy to our people and country.

        1. My friend is a lunch room lady, in the late 2021 lockdowns, they still made food for the school kids, and got the food to the families somehow. Many lockdowns came suddenly and the school had already bought the food.

          I’m not on facebook/Instagram is there anyplace I can watch the conference as I couldn’t see it live on BLN or Rumble. What was the problem???

          1. Dr. Alexander was working for the Trump administration as an adviser and speaking of what he saw there.
            He also said the never-ending lock downs drove children to suicide and their mental health was seriously affected.
            That was going down on both sides of the border.
            Then there was the alcoholism and violence children were being subjected to. Not every kid was born into stable parents.
            Then there was the masking and what harms that does.
            Then there is the separation of children from other children and families because the whack jobs in the Federal Govt segregated the population between vaxxed and unvaxxed.
            There’s a lot to answer for and all we get is threats and science that failed over a year ago. What a joke Turdo and his crew are dishing out to this country.

  3. It is live over at Laura Lynn TT’s FB feed.
    No Theresa Tam but the doctors have a two hour program scheduled.

  4. From Toronto.
    I’m waiting now at almost one PM.
    I’ll be surprised if The Chinese infiltrator shows up with her BOUGHT OFF GLOBALIST MEDICAL whores.

  5. She cannot accept this invite as she will quickly and clearly be seen to be the WHO/WEF lackey she is.She and Turdo would be pitchforked out of Ottawa this afternoon.
    This will never happen.

  6. Doug ford just declared a state of emergency in Ontario, is this to prevent this meeting of the doctors with Tamm/government office as they know this would out the truth? Does this have a direct connection//?

    1. Maybe Lynda!
      State of emergency in Ontario! They are very scared!
      I am wondering if killing people like they have been doing is not an emergency!

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