1. Actually, he’s not ranting against the vaccine. This headline is misleading. He’s ranting against Fauci and leaders who persuaded him that getting the vaccine was the scientific thing to do. He’s angry, which is good. But he’s still in denial, saying, “I ain’t no fucking superspreader.” The next step will be for him to come to terms with his own mistake in encouraging an experimental injection that was promoted with no informed consent.

  2. Mark Mccormick

    This man is an absolute douchebag pos, who the fuck is he to talk to anyone like that. Hope he catches it, asshole.

  3. Mark Mccormick

    This manbis an absolute doichebag pos, who the fuxkbis he to talk to anyone like that. Hope he at he’s it asshole.

  4. OOOPS. Yeh ranting about those show chose not to get the shot, dummies they were then, and poseurs talking like scientists. Well, guess dummies come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, hey, Mikey.

    To be fair, these are experimental injections that have been under tested so even that even the scientists, of whatever variety you choose to trust, can not know much about the way these shots will impact the spread of something that is now endemic anyway.

    Bottom line is that each individual is presumed competent to assess the base line risk against which any treatment, or shot, can be compared, in THEIR circumstances. No scientist and no comedian can reasonably presume to know better than that individual.

    Now, I don’t pretend to be an expert comedian, but I do know my rights include the right to exercise informed consent. And it is basic common sense that with all the many unknowns, significant indeed, about these experimental injections, well, kinda hard to have enough information to establish informed consent.

    FUCCI is not gonna figure anything out for your sake, Mikey, coz FUCCI is for FUCCI and not for you and your fellow citizens whose informed consent FUCCI would gladly steamroll to flatten YOU rather than flatten the CURVE and avoid deaths. Take that and smoke it in yer pipe, Mikey.

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