3 thoughts on “Trudeau’s Half-Brother: Justin’s Serving a Pharma, WEF & Gates Agenda; Truckers Created Unity”

  1. Few who have awakened to the true intentions of, and ridiculousness of, this COVID-related tyranny, seem to realize the true origins of North American “Health” Systems. The people many refer to as the New World Order, had planned more than 150 years ago to destroy us. Using the group’s alchemy knowledge a plan was concocted to both shorten our lifespans and to find the group’s covert advancement upon society. This is why NWO agent John David Rockefeller was assigned the task of putting their plan into action. By convincing Abraham Flexnor through financial enrichment to write a report favourable to this group’s agenda, the NWO plan was put in motion.
    The intentions behind so-called Western Medicine was never to cure anyone. It has always been a game of smoke and mirrors, whereas, doctors have been trained to treat our symptoms, while organizations such as NWO- controlled College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario keep a tight leash on doctors to prevent them from doing anything moral and ethical like attempting to actually help people and cure ailments.
    Every “health” system related organization is and has always been in the hands of those who are behind the New World Order agenda, our governments have betrayed us into thinking otherwise. This so-called “health” system of ours has been from the beginning, a system to perpetuate illness and exploit the ignorant!
    Unfortunately, all of us including “health” practitioners have been manipulated as the pawns and dupes we all really are. LET’S FIX THIS SYSTEM ONCE AND FOR ALL!
    Please share this info far and wide.

  2. His brother stated this numerous times in interviews in the last weeks:https://sarahwestall.com/justin-trudeaus-brother-sends-him-a-message-asks-world-to-join-the-truckers-w-kyle-kemper/
    Brian Peckford’s site today:
    The Charter of Rights and Freedoms also guarantees Canadians the right to a democracy itself, so what Justin Trudeau has done is unlawful on its face. Canadians, any Canadians, according to the Charter, can take him to court for having suspended their democracy unlawfully.

    There is also the criminal charge at stake. Justin Trudeau may well be guilty of an act of treason, which is defined in Canadian law as preparing to levy war against Canada, which is what I personally see in the Ottawa livestreams; and treason in Canadian law is also defined in other broad ways, including this: “(a) uses force or violence for the purpose of overthrowing the government of Canada or a province”….

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