8 thoughts on “[POLL] Will the Senate Save Democracy in Canada?”

  1. I am not voting, because while I hope for the best I fear the worst. If I vote yes it is only because that is what I want. At this moment in history the will of the people is being denied at every turn. The illusion of ‘democracy’ has finally been lifted and the people who are awake have one more chance to change things. This goes way beyond covid mandates, though that is the first step.

  2. The sleepy senators are under liberal control, why would they go against the fascist Trudeau.?

  3. I have no Idea how the Government works, no idea of what a Senator does. I guess my Canadian education was designed this way. Lately I am learning. All the MPs do is argue and vote selfishly, and I believe my MP has blocked my email address.

    I expect the Senators to vote in a way that’s best for their cushy well paid job. They have bills to pay on all the expensive trappings they’ve bought. They all have golden handcuffs on. And some people truly live in the moment, and can’t think too far into the future.

    I can’t vote as I’m not on Twitter. But I’d vote NO.

  4. what does ndp stand for? someone said the ndp stands for the New Dictators Partner. Is this true. iam confused now cause someone else told me it was the New Democratic Party. can someone please tell me the truth?

  5. Twitter is the same as CBC and CTV.
    I just spent the night and morning and emailed every senator in Canada.
    Jagmeet’s office in Surrey looked very colorful this morning.

    1. @MAX
      Thanks max, I only emailed mine. I tried calling her first but her voice mail box was full.
      A few days ago I emailed my MP several times and my email would not go through. I got the staff to email me so I could reply my letter to back to them. My neighbour tried to email our MP too, and had to use an alternate email address in order for the MP’s email to accept. We’ve both email our MP in the past and think the MP is blocking us.

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