Govt Now Dictates What You Do

Govt now dictates:

-when you can access your money/credit
-where you can be/travel/enter & work
-what you can say/protest/support
-when you can leave home
-what goes in your/your children’s body

…by telling you who to “fear” through the Emergencies Act overreach and abuse of power (helped by a coercive confidence vote Monday), fabricated on the “threat” of peaceful protesters for which there is zero footage to support the divisive and vilifying narrative of Ottawa citizens and businesses being terrorized by white nationalists (save 2 photos of a Nazi and Confederate flag on the first days…never to be seen again). After violently attacking peaceful demonstrators Friday and Saturday and clearing the downtown core of trucks and Freedom Convoy participants and all bridge blockades being lifted, the Emergencies Act should have been voted down, as it is predicated on an “existing” threat.

All of this…for your safety.

14 thoughts on “Govt Now Dictates What You Do”

  1. let’s see:
    the WE corruption
    the aga khan helicopter ride/vacation
    the military procurment contracts
    the SNLavalin corruption
    black face and cultural appropriation woke
    the emergency acts invocation
    jagmeet “who loves” police law and order
    what else? This is greater than John “Teflon Don” Gotti could ever be. No wonder there is over 50% support for no accountability and never will be. Any thoughts?

    1. This is an important Video, because the Woke movement and Cancel Culture began in our Universities, and they are now starting to eat their own.
      If you skip forward to the 13-minute mark there is an analysis of the Ottawa Trucker protests and government/police reactions. There is a great deal of Truth in the assertion that we are now more likely to hear Common Sense solutions from Blue Collar workers, who skipped a 4-year BRAINWASHING session at University, than those who participated in Social Studies programmes.
      There is a great deal of irony in the fact that it is the common workers who are rising up in Class Warfare against Socialist Policies.

  2. You are back Rog, but unfortunately for you Trudeau backed down. Now it’s funny that you would mention rule of law in a time when Trudeau violated rule of law on many occasions, especially our Constitution and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. His day is coming soon Rog, and more than likely you will be right beside him , holding has hand, when the judge rules guilty as charged, traitor!

    1. The only way that TURDO can possibly escape the mess he has created will be to trigger Violence. Have no doubt, he will not give up, he will get his wish.
      He has his own personal Security Detail, but all of the NDP and Liberal members of parliament who are keeping him in power do not. We are well on our way into a low-level Civil War where ASSASSINATIONS will gradually rise to around 100 per year.
      Wish your local MP and well known MSM personalities Good Luck.

  3. i DONT UNDERSTAND. the banks have money that belongs to donors. Can’t they just say we don’t want your money anymore so come and get/withdraw it right away? If the bank no longer wants to provide a service aren’t they breaching a contract with depositors?I am so confused please help me understand

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  5. Trudeau, Christia Freeland, half their cabinet, Doug Ford and so many more are all with the WEF Ideology. Our government is corrupt. The only thing people can do now is walk off their jobs. Take mental health leave. They’re powerless without slaves.

    1. The politicians, police, and every one to the top but not to forget the PM that never even once tried to talk to the organizers or the protesters as they were all the back bones of this country and hope they come back for Canada, not the people that throws orders were so incompetently distracted from who has the biggest ego. It should never of gotten this far dialogue or debate and listening get’s more done that what these clowns showed I’m sorry but I call a spade a spade

  6. Cue the 200 or so paid protesters supporting Trudeau, and shouting “Masks forever! Give us more vaccines! We hate freedom protesters, because ‘freedom’ is code for ‘hate’ and we stand against hate! Honking horns mean ‘Heil Hitler!’, and truckers honk horns! Ignore the data, but trust the science!” (Insert epic eye-roll here.)

    1. I don’t think so. He’s got very powerful backing from the WEF, and his EA has the support, according to the most recent poll, of 2/3 of Canadians.

      Much to my dismay, I might add.

      1. He has my vote!

        I am so glad this act has been put through. Now citizens out of control with a sense of self-entitlement can be put in their place.

        This is why a social credit system is a great idea. It brings order into society where otherwise jackasses run around rampant thinking they can do whatever they want without consequences. People need to be more responsible. All these millennials with a sense of entitlement is ridiculous. Its about keeping Canadians safe, even if that is from each other.

        I hope with these powers the Liberals can now focus on what they were voted to do, to Build Back Better.

        I feel no sympathy for those who had their bank accounts seized. They were supporting an illegal protest which makes them no better than a a terrorist!!! If I had my way I would charge them with treason and detain them on top of freezing their financial assets.

        Rule of law applies in this land, not a bunch of bouncy castle carnies who think they can take over the government.


        Maybe one day, Conservatives will have a Leader that they too can be proud of. Foreign money invested in a movement to destabilize democracy with help from the opposition and Trudeau stands strong in the face of criticisms not based on fact

        In light of all the ugliness taking place in Canada right now, can we all just heave a huge sigh of relief and be thankful that Trudeau is our trusted Prime Minister.

        New nationwide survey:
        66% support Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act against protesters

        Imagine what more he could’ve done for our country if didn’t have to deal with all the social media nonsense, a pandemic, widespread right wing misinformation & extremism etc. imagine it was normal times. He would have been seen by all for the person he is & great job he’s doing.

        Thank you Prime Minister Justin Trudeau! You represent what makes Canada Great. Morals Class Grace and Concern for all Canadians. We can’t let them destroy good and people who do not want Freedom to terrorize and abuse others!

        1. Rog Twit Favors fascism along with 66% of brainwashed Canadians, and yes, that includes my own family. I am ashamed of this country, and I want to leave, but the Turd won’t let me go, because his mandates are keeping me prisoner here, in violation of my supposed rights guaranteed by constitution, which is suppose to guarantee my rights of mobility.

          Twit doesn’t yet realize that the Turd destabilized the banking system with his draconian attack on hard working Canadians, because his skin isn’t thick enough to tolerate this challenge of his authoritarian rule. not only are Canadians losing faith in their banks, but foreign investors are now thinking twice before investing in the new People’s Republic of Kanada. It’ll take YEARS to repair the damage!

          The misinformation Rog is talking about is coming from the government, and it’s corrupted allies in public “hell-th.” Damaging the trust Canadians’ had in the government and it’s institutions during this crisis.

          The Twit hasn’t checked other polls that now has the Turd at 16% popularity, with the Cons gaining as many as 10 points in popular opinion at the expense of the Liebs and the Dippers.

          No, Twit. I don’t want to imagine how much worse the state of this country can get. It’s already cratered, and still in the process of collapsing altogether. Canada’s economy is in the toilet thanks to the Twit’s hero. The Twit doesn’t realize it yet, but he’ll be paying for the Turd’s incompetent, and authoritarian leadership for decades to come.

          “…concern for all Canadians.” except for “those people” who are “part of the fringe minority…with unacceptable views,” who “can’t be tolerated,” and who had the temerity to challenge his mandates.

          One day, Twit. Just one day I hope to live to see, how long useful idiots like you will survive when your bank account gets frozen.

          Better go out shopping now Twit, while you can still afford it, and while there’s still goods on the shelves.

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