[TRAILER] Mis- & Disinformation Is Whatever Govt Says It Is – Dr. Robert Malone

As the original inventor of mRNA & DNA vaccination, Dr. Robert Malone, internationally recognized physician and scientist, knows a thing or two about Covid-19 vaccines. And, yet, he’s been branded a dangerous spreader of misinformation in “total info warfare.”

This clip is from his full speech at the Hagerstown Speedway in Maryland, home of the American truckers’ People’s Convoy.


4 thoughts on “[TRAILER] Mis- & Disinformation Is Whatever Govt Says It Is – Dr. Robert Malone”

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  2. Malone and associated doctors and lawyers are going to out the traitors-WEF members.
    Trudeau was specifically mentioned-and noted as a weakling-with that witch,Freeland outed.
    People can begin to focus on the entity that is responsible for taking us down and turning govt into a fascist entity responsive to only Klaus and his diabolical agenda.

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