BREAKING: Randy Hillier to Surrender to Ottawa Police

Randy Hillier, MPP, contacted us this evening to tell us that he will be surrendering himself to Ottawa Police at 7am Monday on 9 Freedom-Convoy-related charges–all of which he says are trumped up and without proof.

The charges include on 3 counts of counselling others to an uncommitted indictable offence, 1 count of assault against a police officer, 1 count of obstructing a person who was aiding a public or peace officer, 2 counts of obstructing a public officer, and 2 counts of mischief to obstruct property greater than $5000 in value.

Hillier said he will be held in custody until his bail hearing, which he believes should happen today. As a fierce advocate for the science of Covid and vaccine mandates, Hillier adamantly told us that he will not have his freedoms taken from him and that he is willing to remain in jail for that conviction, “I will not submit to any [bail] conditions that prevent me from speaking on public policy, as is my obligation as an elected representative.”

The Canada that we know has turned an elected official and outspoken advocate for freedoms–who, to our knowledge, has not broken any laws–into a political prisoner and thus a once free society into an authoritarian state where no citizen is free from becoming an enemy of the state.

5 thoughts on “BREAKING: Randy Hillier to Surrender to Ottawa Police”

  1. Twit shows up celebrating in 3… 2… 1……

    One day, we will be celebrating HEROS like Randy, Tamara, Pat, and all the rest of these down-to-earth folks who TRULY care about their country, and it’s future, much like we now regard past “criminals” like Louis Riel.

    And you know what else? People like the Twit, and the Turd, and the Fräulein, the entire liberal cabinet, and their co-conspirators from the WEF… we will likely see these demons in the stockade facing criminal charges against humanity in what we expect will be Nuremburg 2.0.

    If there’s any justice left in this insane world, we can only hope that will be the final outcome, and we learn this lesson ONCE AND FOR ALL TIME. NEVER AGAIN!

  2. Despicable disgrace to our country and freedoms.
    The twits of this country deserve jail time,not those that speak in opposition of a WEF – captured Parliament and their tactics.

  3. As far as I’m concerned, I think the law enforcement, but not all are starting to become a hindrance and maybe some if not all need to go back to school or better yet defund them. My understanding some never had ID tags and didn’t disclose who they were, so maybe I’m wrong but that in my eyes would be impersonating a police officer, just like me to wear a face mask to discuss my identity

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