Covid Is Not the War (It’s Just a Skirmish) – Dr. Robert Malone

Dr. Robert Malone, MD, PhD, mRNA & DNA vaccine inventor, has been a giant in the fight against govt & public health Covid-19 misinformation. But in his speech to truckers of the American People’s Convoy camped out at Hagerstown Speedway in Maryland, Dr. Malone warns that Covid-19 is not the real war…it’s just a tool to entrench greater authoritarian control of the global population.

With legacy media engaged in “total info warfare” at the bidding of corrupt govts, who are themselves under the infiltration of tyrannical elites, like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, Dr. Malone admits that what he once thought were conspiracy theories are plainly visible for all to see. With Covid-19 vaccines failing and harming citizens and the road to global oppression becoming closer to reality, Malone shares his solutions for the challenges that lay ahead to restore the freedoms of all citizens.

9 thoughts on “Covid Is Not the War (It’s Just a Skirmish) – Dr. Robert Malone”

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    1. I would love a country license sanctioned by the government so I can hunt people like you down and prevent them from preventing their toxic opinions of our current society and government.

      1. Twit the traitor.
        We will continue outing traitors like you,Freeland,Turdo and Meet head to save this nation from your fascist scum agenda.

      2. The Twit is showing us all how “democracy” is supposed to work. You have the freedom to say anything you want, as long as you agree with the twit. Everything else is misinformation and must be stopped in its tracks.

        The Twit can’t respond to legitimate, world-renowned EXPERTS in the scientific field, so guess what he does, like a typical liberal, turd-loving weenie, he has to SILENCE dissenting opinions.

        That’s the Twit’s idea of what “democracy” is all about, and the twit likes to brag about how compassionate and tolerant he is, but “Hunting people…down and prevent them from preventing (sic) their toxic opinions of our current society and government.”

        Spoken like a true fascist, Twit!

        1. You got it totally wrong FC. I am very open to diverse opinions but when you start attacking and making offensive comments that is where I draw the line!

          Calling people traitors and fascists does not get you far FC, especially when they are trying hard to even help ungrateful, spiteful people such as yourself. It is toxic for our country and when you look in the mirror it is you that is the problem, attacking our democracy, our government and way of life! I wish to protect our Canadian way!!!

          1. What the heck have you been doing, Twit? You have called out the trucker convoy as traitors to the country many times. You have explicitly declared your desire to lock them all up for treason. You have endorsed the turd’s lies, backed up by a complicit and corrupt media, of slandering the truckers as hateful, misogynistic, homophobic racists.

            So do I add “hypocrisy” to your litany, Twit? You want to protect the genuine “Canadian Way,” or do you want to usher in a new age of Canadian politics where the elites call all the shots, and the people told to shut up, or else starve, continually impoverishing the population with ridiculous policies that Carl Marx, Lenin, Mao, Pol-Pot would be proud of?

            I am NOT “attacking democracy” twit, YOU ARE. Your interpretation of democracy is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. YOU are the one who wants to deny the people their voice in expressing opposition to increasingly tyrannical government policies, as evident by the invocation of the EA, and pretty much all of your previous posts.

            If you want to preserve the “Canadian Way,” twit, then pick up a flag, and join the protestors who are not only fighting for OUR rights, twit, but are also FIGHTING FOR YOURS!

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