[TRAILER] 90 Sudden or Unexpected Canadian Doctor Deaths -Dr William Makis, MD

*UPDATED doctor panel (see below).

[TRAILER] As govt and public health officials continue to dismiss, silence and attack doctors who speak about Covid-19 “vaccine” dangers, the number of sudden or unexpected deaths of Canadian doctors spikes to a new high of 90.

Join us for this important interview with Dr. William Makis, MD, as he shares his alarming research findings and a possible cover up by medical authorities.


*Corrigendum: we originally posted 92 doctors instead of 90, posting 2 doctors twice. They have been removed below with the panel now showing the correct total of 90 doctors.

3 thoughts on “[TRAILER] 90 Sudden or Unexpected Canadian Doctor Deaths -Dr William Makis, MD”

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    1. Give us our country back

      Since this is a US military operation it will take special operations personnel acting independently and going against factions of their own superiors.
      The militaries end this and it is going to take groups of men that are educated and brave enough to take out those in power.

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