[INTERVIEW] 90 Sudden or Unexpected Canadian Doctor Deaths -Dr. William Makis, MD

*UPDATED 90 doctor panel card (see below).


Ninety Canadian doctors have died suddenly or unexpectedly since the rollout out of the dangerous and ineffective Covid-19 mRNA “vaccines,” according to the research of Dr. William Makis, MD.


…without any investigation by the organization saddled with protecting its physician members, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). Shockingly and to the contrary, the CMA has instead publicly stated on social media that Dr. Makis’ work is dangerous “disinformation” and ignored 2 open letters of concern with research findings from Dr. Makis. (See letters below.) Compared to the number of deaths pre-Covid jabs in 2019-2020, the numbers of deaths in 2021-2022 is exploding.

Join us for this explosive interview where Dr. Makis reveals disturbing trends within the 90 deaths, a major mechanism of vaccine injury and death, the Canadian Medical Association’s conflicted dismissal of the deaths, mainstream media collusion and the attacks on Dr. Makis himself for bringing such important information to the world.

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*Corrigendum: we originally posted 92 doctors instead of 90, posting 2 doctors twice. They have been removed below with the panel now showing the correct total of 90 doctors.

Satyam Choudhuri, 25
Candace Nayman, 27
Matthew Foss, 32
Canadian Medical Association (CMA) In Memoriam page on WayBack Machine Nov. 12, 2022 shows only 10 doctor deaths for Jan 2020, compared to 27 deaths reported on the Wayback Machine on Aug. 4, 2020 (see below).
Canadian Medical Association (CMA) In Memoriam page on WayBack Machine Aug. 4, 2020, shows 27 doctor deaths in Jan 2020.





Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:00:00] At the time, it was 80 doctors who had died suddenly or unexpectedly. That number just keeps going up.

Glen Jung: [00:00:05] The number of unexpected or sudden doctor deaths now sits at 90.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:00:08] And so we’ve put together this database from the Canadian Medical Association’s own website. They have an In Memoriam page that they used to update very regularly. Now what we realized is that they’ve been deleting entries from their In Memoriam page. Unfortunately, in Canada, it seems that the health authorities are discouraging autopsies from being done.

Glen Jung: [00:00:28] Help replace the Mainstream Media. Fund independent media at [00:00:31] BrightLightNews.com. [00:00:33] Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. We are again honoured to have here Dr. William Makis. He is a radiologist, oncologist and a cancer researcher. Thank you so much again for joining us, Dr. Makis.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:00:42] Thank you very much.

Glen Jung: [00:00:43] It’s so great to have you on again, because the last time we spoke, there were 32 reported deaths of young doctors in Canada that were temporally related to the vaccines. Now we’re up to how many?

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:00:54] We’re up to 87 currently. Two weeks ago, I put out an update and, at the time, it was 80 doctors who had died suddenly or unexpectedly since the rollout of the COVID vaccines. That number just keeps going up. It’s at 87 right now.

Glen Jung: [00:01:11] The number of unexpected or sudden doctor that’s now sits at 90. As Dr. Mackis has updated us since our November 2nd interview. 11 physicians were added to the list of 80 with one previous doctor being removed.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:01:23] I’m really worried it’ll probably get over 100 before the end of the year.

Glen Jung: [00:01:28] It’s absolutely crazy what is actually happening here with the mainstream media silencing of what’s happening to the government’s inability to acknowledge actually what’s happening, as well as the medical community. Of those new deaths, since we spoke, I guess there’s now 55 new deaths. Is there are there any that are striking you as as highly suspicious, as indisputable evidence that something is wrong here that the world needs to wake up to?

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:01:53] There definitely is. There is a cluster of deaths that I’m seeing in very young physicians, medical residents specifically. And McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario had actually put out a statement on Twitter saying that this past summer they lost three of their young medical residents. Again, they had died suddenly or unexpectedly. Their ages were 25, 27 and 32 in a single medical school. This is unprecedented. I’d never heard of anything like this in my entire career. I’ve spoken to other doctors Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Stephen Malthouse. They’d never heard of anything like this either. And so this is really shocking. Now, I wanted to briefly discuss with you what we’ve done since the release of the 32 doctors.

Glen Jung: [00:02:53] Sure. But can I just briefly ask you, did they mention any cause of death for those young doctors?

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:02:59] They didn’t. No. And that’s been that’s been the pattern throughout this rollout of the vaccines is that when they do announce doctor deaths, they never announce their vaccine status or any possible connection to the vaccines. Now, since I released the report on 32 doctor deaths back in September, I was flooded with information from people who started sending me emails about their doctor who had died, and a number of people who wanted to really help me put together something more robust in terms of data. And so we’ve actually put together a team and we’ve put together a database, which of 1800 doctor deaths, Canadian doctor deaths for the past four years. And so we’ve tried to find every doctor, Canadian doctor that we could find so that we can analyze and actually compared to previous years. And so we’ve put together this database. 1000 of those entries are actually from the Canadian Medical Association’s own website. They have an In Memoriam page that they used to update very regularly. Now, what we realized is that they’ve been deleting entries from their In Memoriam page quietly, especially in the years 2019 and 2020. So we had to use the Wayback Machine to capture data that they had deliberately deleted.

Glen Jung: [00:04:29] Why do you think that is?

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:04:31] Well, it would seem that they don’t want Canadians to be able to go back to their database and compare and see that doctors are dying at a much higher rate this year and in 2021, since the rollout of the vaccines compared to even the pandemic year 2020 as well as 2019. So, we put together a database of 1800 doctor deaths. We’ve analyzed it. I’ve spent the last two months analyzing it and that’s where the number of 80 sudden and unexpected deaths comes from.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:05:02] There’s another 60 who died, who had pre-existing conditions. So, we didn’t include those in the 80. And then when we closely analyzed the data, we found that for all doctors under the age of 50, doctors are dying at twice the rate in 2021 and 2022 compared to 2019 and 2020. So that since the rollout of the COVID vaccines, they’re dying at double the rate. But this is where it gets very interesting and sadly shocking is when you look at doctors under the age of 40, they’re dying at five times the rate this year compared to the pre vaccine rollout. And doctors under the age of 30 are dying at eight times the rate compared to the pre vaccine rollout era. And this is really where we see the deaths in medical residents and young doctors, doctors who had just graduated, because we know that all the medical schools in Canada had implemented and forced on their medical students and medical residents COVID vaccine mandates. They all had to be fully up to date on their vaccinations so that they could work in the hospital or rotate through the hospital. So what you see in the data, which is very robust, is that as you get younger in age, the the rate, the mortality rate skyrockets since the rollout of the vaccines. And so this is really, to me, the a signal, a safety signal that really implicates the vaccines, because that’s the only common factor, especially in all these sudden deaths where there were no pre-existing medical conditions.

Glen Jung: [00:06:47] Do you have any plausible explanation as to why we’re seeing the the increases, the multifold increases in deaths as we go younger? I mean, this is something that’s being mirrored with the myocarditis deaths that are happening in especially young male young males around the world.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:07:05] Exactly. I believe that a lot of these deaths may be caused by subclinical myocarditis. And when I mentioned subclinical myocarditis, it’s still inflammation of the heart. But the subclinical part means that the person doesn’t have any symptoms. So they don’t know that they have inflammation of the heart. They may have scarring that has damaged their heart muscle as a result of the inflammation and that predisposes them to a sudden fatal arrhythmia and then they end up dying suddenly, either in their sleep or while they’re exercising. For example, one of the McMaster medical residents who died, 27-year-old Dr. Candace Nayman, she was a triathlete and she had actually collapsed while doing a triathlon. While swimming, She collapsed in the swimming portion and they managed to get her to the ICU and she died four days later. So, I believe that subclinical myocarditis caused by the spike protein, which is very highly inflammatory, could be the cause for many of these sudden deaths. Now, what’s interesting is that in men, the myocarditis peaks in the late teens and early twenties. And so you see younger men are really affected by myocarditis. However, in women, their peak incidence of myocarditis is in the late forties or early fifties. And so when you examine the list of 80 doctors who’ve died suddenly or unexpectedly since the rollout of the vaccines, you see it’s mostly men and and a lot of young men. But then you do see also women, and they are dying most commonly in their forties and fifties. You know, we just had Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly report that her sister had died of a heart attack suddenly and unexpectedly at the age of 58. And so, you know, whenever I give a presentation now, I really want to stress that myocarditis can affect women as well.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:09:12] It’s not something that happens just to young men. It can also happen to women, but it happens in their forties and fifties. And at that age they have the same risk of myocarditis as men. And I think most people don’t realize that. Now, one other point I want to make is that the rate of myocarditis post-vaccination has been grossly underestimated and has been downplayed by the authorities. The health authorities have told us that myocarditis is rare and it’s mild and that most people recover from it. And that’s absolutely not true. The subclinical myocarditis post-vaccination may be far more common than we’ve been told. In fact, some estimates are showing that it could be as high as one in 30. There was a study done in Thailand, prospective study of young boys who had their second Pfizer vaccine. They tested their cardiac markers within the first week post-vaccination, and they found that one in 30 had evidence of subclinical myocarditis. There was another study just done in Switzerland, Dr. Christian Mueller, who had tested 800 health care workers in Switzerland after their booster shot. He took cardiac markers three days after their booster shot, and he found that one in 35 had elevated troponins that could be directly attributed to the COVID booster shot. And he gave a presentation about this at an international conference. So that’s one in 35. Now, we’ve been told that myocarditis happens in one in 5000 or even more rarely. And it really it’s looking like it’s much more common than has been admitted. So I think that could be accounting for a lot of these young, sudden and unexpected deaths.

Glen Jung: [00:11:05] It’s absolutely alarming what you’re telling us here. Can you tell me why do you think it is that there’s also a prevalence of the sudden that’s happening in sleep?

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:11:17] That’s a good question. What’s what’s what’s interesting about this subclinical myocarditis post-vaccination is that it is different than any kind of myocarditis that’s known to pathologists. So, myocarditis can be caused by several viruses. However, it looks completely different on pathology than the post-vaccination myocarditis. Now, this has been documented in peer-reviewed medical studies. There was a a study that came out of Korea in late of last year done by the Korean military, where they actually had a 22-year-old military recruit who had taken this Pfizer vaccine. And he died in his sleep. About six days later. They found him slumped over at 5 a.m.. He had gone to bed complaining of chest pain. And they they find him at 5 a.m., slumped over and he has a fatal arrhythmia. They try to shock him, shock his rhythm, and they can’t can’t get him back. He died. And they did a very, very extensive autopsy and they published their results in a Korean journal. But it’s available in English, so anyone can can read it. And they found that the kind of myocarditis that he died from post-vaccination is very severe. It’s it’s they call it a “toxic myocarditis,” really.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:12:40] And it’s unlike any other kind of myocarditis that we’ve known before. They said there were only two cases published in the literature before, extremely aggressive. And and it was in the upper chambers of the heart where the conduction bundles are. And apparently pathologists don’t even look for problems in that area of the heart on autopsy. So you really have to have a pathologist who knows what they’re doing and knows what they’re looking for. To even find this on autopsy. And they said. Very severe inflammation unlike anything they’d ever seen before. And so, you know, it’s possible that we’re dealing with a new process. We’re still it’s still myocarditis, but it’s a severe kind of myocarditis that seems to be very fatal. It seems that most people who collapse from this kind of myocarditis, you can’t bring them back. And so and the fact that it can strike randomly, you know, it can strike people when they’re exercising, it can. And it seems to be able to strike people when they’re sleeping as well. And once the fatal arrhythmia hits, you know, there’s almost no recovery from it.

Glen Jung: [00:13:53] Yeah. Doctor Bhakdi actually talked to this, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi? We recently interviewed him and he showed a couple of slides from a pathologist who’s yet to be named because the study hasn’t been published. But what he showed was some remarkable findings. One, they found the spike protein within the brain, within the heart, especially in the capillaries, where normally we don’t have clotting happening in the capillaries. I mean, this is unprecedented. And what they said was in these samples that they found of the spike proteins, there was actually no nucleocapsid found. And this is what actually encases the RNA, the ribonucleic acid, in the actual natural virus. There was no evidence of that nucleocapsid. So. We’re seeing here shocking things as well. He mentioned unprecedented images that they’re seeing from these tissue samples from these dead people where they don’t exist in pathology textbooks.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:14:47] Right, exactly. And, unfortunately, the problem we have in Canada is that we don’t have any autopsies. No one is doing autopsies and no one is publishing any autopsies either. You know, to look for this information, like I said, the Korean military published it in a Korean medical journal. And there’s one group in the United States that published autopsy results of two teenage boys, who died within a week of their Pfizer vaccine. And they had done an autopsy on those two teenage boys. And they found the same they found the same process. They found a very severe myocarditis that they described as highly unusual. And so this these reports are leaking into the making it into the literature. Unfortunately, in Canada, it seems that the health authorities are discouraging, you know, autopsies from being done. And so we have no information at all. No one’s doing autopsies. No one’s publishing any any results on this. So we are completely in the blind here about it. And and yet we have a lot of young doctors who are dying suddenly or unexpectedly. And again, it’s not just doctors. It’s happening with nurses, It’s happening with university people. It’s happening with police officers, firefighters. Teachers are dropping dead, you know, high school coaches. But again, no one is willing to do autopsies and risk their careers by showing what is actually happening to these vaccinated individuals.

Glen Jung: [00:16:24] Yeah, and I think there’s a multifold issue there. I mean, some of them still buy the narrative. They believe these vaccines cannot actually cause any harm. We also know, as you said, that some of them are terrified for their careers and their livelihoods. You know, down in California, Governor Newsome signed a bill punishing any doctors with the possible outcome of losing their medical license, having it suspended for misinformation, disinformation, or malinformation. You are also talking about some other striking cases that you’ve seen since the extra 55 victims potentially of these vaccines. And one of them you had mentioned prion disease.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:17:00] That’s right. Since the I released the report of the 80 deaths, you know, that number has continued to rise. And one of the recent deaths was actually a 66-year-old Vancouver cardiologist, Dr. Gerald Simkus. And his obituary states that he had died after “a short but courageous battle with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease,” which is also known as prion disease.

Glen Jung: [00:17:28] And some people implicated it in mad cow disease before.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:17:31] Exactly. Some people refer to it as mad cow disease. And and this is striking because Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is extremely rare. And so to have a doctor show up with this very recently really alarmed me because I’d been monitoring scientists and doctors, raised concerns about possible links between the mRNA vaccines and prion disease. Apparently, there in the in the coding of the mRNA for the spike protein itself. Apparently, there is a sequence that codes for a prion protein. And so, you know, concern has been raised. You know, could this become an issue with people who’ve been vaccinated with with mRNA vaccines? Could some of them develop prion disease, which is dangerous because prion disease is very much fatal? You know, it tends most people don’t survive, you know, with prion disease.

Glen Jung: [00:18:39] Right. It’s a neurodegenerative disease where you see people actually just deteriorate. I mean, their motor skills are gone. Their their their psychic abilities start to deteriorate. It’s a horrible disease.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:18:52] It’s a horrible disease. And the thing is, is that, you know, the prions have this this ability, you know, they are basically misfolded proteins, but they have this ability to cause misfolding in other proteins. So, they have this sort of an infectious nature to them. They’re rapidly progressive and they’re they’re quite fatal. And so this is the first you know, this is the first such death that I’ve recorded in my database of sudden deaths. And, you know, it has struck me, you know, is this a sign of things to come? You know, are we going to see more cases of people dying with this aggressive, rapidly progressive prion disease, you know, or is this just a random one off? We don’t know. But there’s definitely concern that, you know, some people might suffer from prion disease as a result of mRNA vaccination.

Glen Jung: [00:19:52] Yeah. And if I think that when you were speaking earlier saying that people were being discouraged from actually performing autopsies, I think you’re being careful there. And more judiciously, we could say that, you know, what we’re looking at is a cover up here. We know that Dr. Shiv Chopra, who was formerly one of Canada’s top scientists employed by the federal government, he actually whistleblew the fact that I think it was BGH hormone that was given to cow, cattle, to cows was actually causing this prion disease. And he basically got fired with along with a couple of other top scientists. So, Dr. Chopra is a Canadian hero who, incredible whistleblower, he fought the remaining 15-20 years of his life battling the federal government in court to try and clear his name and to prove that these substances were actually banned in Europe. And this is what tipped him off, I believe. And he was trying to expose this. But again, we see this corruption here for people who don’t believe that there are cover ups happening here, that our government is capable of performing horrific policies that affect our safety and our health. I mean, you don’t have to look any further. There is a great book on Dr. Shiv Chopra and it’s his biography. I think everyone should go and read it if you have a chance. You should also mention someone else. Another death that was quite startling for you with a psychiatrist.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:21:13] Yes. So actually, here in Alberta, we’ve had a psychiatrist die suddenly recently. It’s Dr. Michael Marshall. He was 45-years-old. He had come from the United Kingdom to work with the LGBTQ community. And so he was 45-years-old, fully vaccinated. And apparently he had suffered some kind of a head injury. Now, we don’t have any more information. Did he have a blood clot and did he fall down, you know, hit his head? We don’t know. But we know that he died suddenly afterwards. It may or may not have been related to the head injury. And so when he died, the Alberta NDP, former premier and current opposition leader Rachel Notley, actually went into media and talked about him and described what a tragic loss it was for Alberta and for the LGBTQ community that this young doctor had died suddenly and unexpectedly. And that was it, that that’s all she said. She said, you know, we’re mourning his loss. It’s tragic. And then she went right back to advising everyone to take their booster shots and stay up to date on their COVID vaccines. And what you’re seeing is a complete, complete lack of of awareness and a complete disconnect where you’ve got this politician who is aggressively pushing MRA vaccines and now she’s aware that, you know, doc, Canadian doctors are dying suddenly or unexpectedly, because my report on on 80 Doctors is all over Twitter. So, there’s no way that that she can miss it. She even comes out and acknowledges the death of one of these young doctors who is who is on my list.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:23:01] And then she goes right back to pushing mRNA vaccines with no sense of concern that there might be a possible link. And, unfortunately, last year, late last year, Rachel Notley had come out and she said that if she’s elected in Alberta as premier in 2023, she will put together medical teams and go door to door vaccinating Albertans who haven’t been vaccinated. In fact, she made tweets saying that we need to find out who these unvaccinated people are and we need to reach them and get to them and get them vaccinated. And she said, Oh, it only makes sense. I mean, people can find these tweets are still online. And, of course, she was very supportive of unvaccinated healthcare workers, nurses and doctors being fired. She said they shouldn’t be allowed in the hospital. She was very supportive of them being fired. And of course, now we, as a result of the vaccine mandates our healthcare system is collapsing completely. We have many of our ERs have been completely shut down. And if you look at the emergency wait times, we’re looking at wait times of 15 hours, sometimes 20 hours, including in the children’s hospitals. And she was fully supportive of firing unvaccinated nurses and healthcare workers. And so some of these politicians are completely out of their minds. They see that, you know, doctors are dying, young doctors are dying. They’ll acknowledge their deaths, but then they’ll go right back to pushing the mRNA vaccines.

Glen Jung: [00:24:35] You know, it’s either criminal behavior. It’s or it’s, you know, somebody who has completely bought the Kool-Aid and is awash in in the Ministry of Truth. I mean, it’s an absolutely incredible world that we’re living in. I just recently heard about a conference where some doctors attended, and one of the doctors had actually said that his wife and this is an ER doctor, one of his his wife had actually gotten the first shot. She suffered an arrhythmia, woke up in the middle of the night. He said, I recognized the pre-death look whiteness around the mouth and thought nothing of it because she’s okay now. And I believe she had a second shot or he had a shot and then there were more instances of arrhythmia and still no connection to the vaccine. I mean, what is happening here when people cannot even. Break outside of a narrative and set that aside, but use their own scientific and critical lens, perform their duty to actually investigate what is happening to the body. I mean, I know right now you’re not practicing as much as you would like to, but you are still honouring your oath. I mean, I think this will happen to the day you die. You will first do no harm and you will advocate and speak as loudly and vociferously as you can about this. But what is happening here?

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:25:49] It seems that Canadian doctors, especially for the most part, seem to be completely in denial. And and I’ve seen this from the response that I’ve had, and I can compare the response that I get in my emails and that I also see online. What has been the response of Canadian nurses, Canadian doctors and international doctors. And I can tell you the Canadian doctors are by far the most in denial about vaccine injuries and vaccine related deaths. And they go online and they actually mark this information now, you know, because this information about 80 young Canadian doctors has been circulating heavily on Twitter. A lot of the doctors, Canadian doctors who are pushing him on vaccines have started addressing it online. And their response has been to personally attack me or to make fun of the information. They’ve been mocking this information. So we have a group in Alberta called the Alberta MD War Room. They were making fun of of of this and doctors dying. Then there is Dr. Michelle Cohen, who is a family doctor in Ontario, who has come out and aggressively and stated this is fake, this is made up and this is nonsense. And none of these deaths are related to the vaccines. And what’s interesting about Dr. Michelle Cohen is that she has a relationship with the Toronto Star, and so she has been a regular contributor to the Toronto Star. In fact, she has done hit piece articles on other Canadian doctors who’ve raised concerns about mRNA vaccines.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:27:27] And so she has smeared these doctors. She has, you know, said that the college should go after them and after their medical licenses. And so she has been highly critical of the information that I’ve put out. And she’s saying that it’s misinformation, that it’s made up, it’s fake, that it’s conspiracy theory. And one thing that really surprised me was the Canadian Medical Association’s response. Now, the Canadian Medical Association has not responded to either of my letters. I sent them a letter in September about when when it was 32 doctor deaths, and I sent them another letter in October with the 80 doctor deaths and the updated photos and information. To date, they have not responded to me. But they had a PR person responds to a journalist from Epoch Times saying that, you know, they don’t they don’t see any connection to the vaccines and they’re not concerned. And they’ve recently come out online and they’ve said this is misinformation. There’s no evidence that, you know, linking the vaccines to these doctor deaths and that the position of the Canadian Medical Association is that they encourage all Canadians to continue taking their booster shots and to stay up to date on their COVID vaccines. And what shocked me most of all was they thanked publicly, Dr. Michelle Cohen for attacking me and attacking this information.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:28:56] They thanked her for basically trying to suppress this information. This is the Canadian Medical Association that should be looking out for their own members, the doctors, and they are willing to completely turn a blind eye to their own doctor members dying suddenly or unexpectedly in record numbers. I know they have some kind of a relationship with Pfizer. They signed an agreement with Pfizer about a decade ago for continuing medical education. I don’t know if they have any relationship with Moderna, but it seems they’re far more interested in protecting whatever agreements they may have with pharmaceutical companies, like Pfizer, than actually looking out for the safety of their own members. And this is what’s been the most disappointing of all for me. The Canadian Medical Association president, Dr. Alika Lafontaine, who’s the current president from Alberta, has completely ignored this information. He has gone to the States to co-host an international conference on physician health. This was held in Orlando, Florida, from October 13 to 15, and he gave a lot of speeches about doctors being stressed, burnt out and so on. But he didn’t mention anything about Canadian doctors dying suddenly or unexpectedly. He has completely ignored this this topic. And, you know, the Canadian Medical Association, you know, the fact that they’ve been deleting Canadian doctor death entries from their own website just goes to show you that they’re probably trying to cover this up.

Glen Jung: [00:30:30] Yeah, it’s absolutely criminal what is happening. What we’re witnessing here, it is beyond what any of us could have imagined. It’s like we’re living in a bad horror film that we’re not waking up from or walking out of the theater from. It continues. We are seeing human. Hundreds of millions of people that have taken these so called vaccines potentially being lined up for a severe adverse event, a permanent disability or death. And again, we are seeing whether bought or just brainwashed individuals with especially within the health sector, doing absolutely nothing and instead attacking those who are doing the research with just ad hominem emotional arguments based in no substance of science, of rational, logical and respectful discussion. Absolutely terrifying what we’re living through right now.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:31:25] You know, no matter how in denial people are about vaccine injuries and vaccine deaths, you know, it’s going to be all around them. Interestingly, I just saw a case of a very famous author, Julie Powell. She had made some posts last year where she was wishing death upon unvaccinated people what she called anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers quote, “I would argue that COVID does kill some of the right people. The anti-vaxxers slash maskers are dying in legions.” She unfortunately just died suddenly at the age of 49 in her home, and her husband came out and said that she had died of a cardiac arrest. So, being in denial about vaccine injuries and deaths, you know, is not is not going to help anybody. You know, she probably wasn’t aware of of any risks. She was certainly fully vaccinated. And so when Canadian doctors are completely in denial about what’s happening with vaccine injuries and deaths and they’re trying to deny that it’s happening, it doesn’t do them any good and it doesn’t do anybody else any good.

Glen Jung: [00:32:42] Agreed 100%. And I think there must also be accountability. There was a recent Atlantic magazine article that came out, Let’s Declare A Pandemic Amnesty. We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we’re in the dark about COVID, essentially allowing all the vitriol, the hatred, the the coercion to be washed aside for what we experienced as one of the greatest misinformation campaigns that had an incalculable toll on Canadian and global lives, just to allow this to just be washed away without any accountability. Maajid Nawaz, he actually put out a great little article here and he said this is why we cannot forgive you, “One, we coercively injected you with lethal toxins. Two, we killed your elderly. Three, we injected your children. Four, we locked you up. Five, we fired the truthful and are still protecting the liars. Six, we funded COVID in the Wuhan lab. Seven, we now demand that you move on. And, eight, Russia, Russia, Russia.” We won’t get into that. But effectively, what he’s saying is absolutely true. I mean, how do we forgive? How do we forget how we did not change our institutions? So that does not happen again? There has to be accountability.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:33:56] I think, and I agree with that, I think forgiveness is is one thing. But the problem is, is that too many people have died and too many people have been injured, disabled. People have lost their careers. People have lost their lives. You know, people have lost their family members. And you cannot just wash this away because what aside from all the injuries and deaths, which which many of them were completely unnecessary, no one has done anything to undo the damage. And so, you know, you have, you know, kids that are development that have been developmentally delayed because of of masking, which we know doesn’t work. Like I said, the people who’ve been injured have obviously, you know, not been compensated. People who’ve lost their jobs. Many of them have not gotten their jobs back. They’ve not gotten their lives back. And so the idea that you’re going to just wash away a lot of these crimes to me is is is unthinkable. You know, we’ve, especially in medicine, we’ve completely lost ethics in medicine. And so, for example, you know, when we had people who were refused transplants because they didn’t want to be vaccinated and experimented on, and so they would deny these they would deny people transplants and effectively condemn them to death. You know, that that kind of thing, you know, can’t just be washed away. You know, we need accountability and we need accountability from all the people who participated in these crimes against humanity. We need accountability from politicians, from public health officials, from doctors who participated in this, from the media, who were complicit in silencing doctors, who raised concerns. You know, I believe in justice and accountability. And so I think we need that.

Glen Jung: [00:35:59] 100%. We’ve heard the words “Nuremberg 2” floated around a lot during this these last couple of years. And again, that was to move humanity forward, holding people to account so that this could never happen again. These this is an atrocity going on. Dr. Bhakdi, whom we just interviewed, said that mankind is being destroyed. Now, amidst all this, I don’t know how else to put it but darkness. Are you seeing any positive changes, any light happening towards bringing the information to the to the public to wake people up?

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:36:30] Definitely I am. You know, while I’ve been disappointed with the manner in which Canadian doctors on Twitter have responded to this, and that’s you know, to me, that’s been very sad because, you know, they’re my colleagues and I, you know, I care about my colleagues and their health and their well-being. You know, I’m raising a safety signal. I have absolutely nothing to gain. In fact, if doctors stopped dying suddenly, unexpectedly, I’d be the happiest person here. So, you know, I really don’t want to see this continue. And, unfortunately, the deaths continue to rise. Like I said, we’re at 87 and that number just keeps going higher and higher. However, I’ve been really encouraged by the response of nurses in Canada who’ve been emailing me and thanking me for bringing this to the public’s attention. And really a lot of the nurses, some of them are actively working. So they said, Look, please don’t mention my name because I might lose my job. But, you know, thank you for for what you’re doing. So a lot of the ones who are working are afraid to say anything. But the ones who who’ve retired very recently, you know, they’re they’re really, really thankful and appreciative. And they have seen vaccine injuries in their own practice. And, you know, if they were close to retirement or they just wanted to quit health care because it’s become such an, you know, an upsetting profession at this point, especially in Canada. But they their eyes are open and they they’ve seen the injuries themselves and they’ve been extremely thankful. I’ve received also a lot of letters thanking me from doctors internationally.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:38:08] I’ve received recently a thank you email from a doctor in Barcelona in Spain, doctors from Germany, from South Africa, from India, places that, you know, I wouldn’t have expected this information to reach. But, you know, in this global age of internet, really, this information has international reach. And the response from doctors internationally has been very positive. They’re very thankful that I’ve brought this to their attention as well, and that they can see what’s happening in Canada, that doctors are dying, you know, suddenly or unexpectedly. And, just most recently, I’ve had an Alberta doctor, practicing doctor, email me privately and again say, you know, please don’t use my name, but but thank you for for what you’re doing. And so there are doctors in Canada who are starting to to sort of see what’s happening, and they’re starting to see the light. And, you know, they’re very appreciative of this information, even if they themselves can’t speak out about it. However, for now, the you know, the narrative at least online, is still being driven by the doctors who are pushing mRNA vaccines and who are actively trying to suppress this information. There’s a lot of Canadian doctors on Twitter, you know, who have upwards of 10,000 followers who have been really allowed to aggressively sell mRNA vaccines and mock and attack anyone who would who would raise any concerns about mRNA vaccines. And as we know, Twitter has been silencing doctors who have raised concerns about the morality of vaccines. They suspended my account for raising concerns about mRNA vaccines in kids 5 to 11 years old.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:39:50] Now, I’ve appealed that recently, and we’ll see if anything has changed under Elon Musk. You know, they suspended the accounts of Dr. Robert Malone, of Dr. Peter McCullough. And as you know, Dr. Peter McCullough has recently had his medical license taken away from him because he has spoken out about vaccine injuries and vaccine deaths. And what has shocked me recently is that Canadian doctors on Twitter who are pushing mRNA vaccines are actually celebrating the fact that Dr. McCullough has been stripped of his medical license. They’re also celebrating the Draconian laws that have been put in place in California forbidding doctors from speaking out and from going against the established government narrative about the safety and efficacy, or the alleged safety and efficacy, of the COVID vaccines. And so you have now you have Canadian doctors cheering, basically, a suppression of of medical freedom and medical ethics in the United States. And they’re happy that these laws have been put into place. But these laws are highly unethical, they’re Draconian, and these laws are really damaging the practice of medicine in the United States. And as we know, the colleges do the same thing in Canada. So, you know, there’s a mix of good and bad. There has been a lot of good, but people are still being silenced, suppressed. And that has to change. And I’m hoping that if some of these silenced voices make it back on Twitter that the narrative and the the narrative about vaccine injuries and death specifically that it will shift and that we will get more truth out.

Glen Jung: [00:41:43] Well, definitely the tsunami of vaccine, quote unquote, vaccine injuries and deaths is going to overwhelm those who are right now vilifying, demonizing people, researchers like yourself, who are actually bringing the data. So. Whether or not they wake up from their brainwashing one day or not, they will be awash in the data because it’s it’s insurmountable, it’s indisputable, and it is coming at a torrent’s pace. Now, what I really, really love is the fact that Elon Musk has come back on to take on freedom. Hopefully, he will be un… He will. There was actually an article that recently put out by I think it was by epic times where they said he will be looking to reinstate any and all accounts that have misdemeanor offenses or whatever you call them, infractions. So let’s hope that you’re back out there. Let’s hope we get Dr. McCullough back out there. Every doctor and including Bright Light News. We were kicked off as well. All the independent voices as well who are promoting the truth. And we need to keep on speaking the truth until it becomes the truth again. So, thank you again so much for everything that you’re doing. Please keep us abreast of what is happening so that we can keep getting the information out to the world. Thank you again, Dr. Makis.

Dr. William Makis, MD: [00:43:02] Thanks so much.

Glen Jung: [00:43:04] Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you enjoy this interview. And, like Dr. Makis, we are laying it all on the line to get you the truth and to get the truth out to the world. But we need your help urgently. For this reason, we’re not putting our content behind a paywall because we feel it’s too important and it should be available and free for all to see and share. Please fund independent media. Donate today at BrightLightNews.com or send an E-transfer to Gord@BrightLightNews.com. And thanks again for watching.

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  13. These people have either been paid exceptionally well by pharma to promote mRNA tech or have been given to a grand delusion.
    This is what I’m seeing in the world. A strong delusion so that many of the population have been given. It sure seems that truth can’t break through the propaganda.

    2 Thessalonians 2:1–17 (ESV): 2 Now concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him we ask you, brothers, 2 not to be quickly shaken in mind or alarmed, either by a spirit or a spoken word, or a letter seeming to be from us, to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. 3 Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, 4 who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God. 5 Do you not remember that when I was still with you I told you these things? 6 And you know what is restraining him now so that he may be revealed in his time. 7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. Only he who now restrains it will do so until he is out of the way. 8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will kill with the breath of his mouth and bring to nothing by the appearance of his coming. 9 The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, 10 and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, 12 in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.
    13 But we ought always to give thanks to God for you, brothers beloved by the Lord, because God chose you as the firstfruits to be saved, through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth. 14 To this he called you through our gospel, so that you may obtain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. 15 So then, brothers, stand firm and hold to the traditions that you were taught by us, either by our spoken word or by our letter.
    16 Now may our Lord Jesus Christ himself, and God our Father, who loved us and gave us eternal comfort and good hope through grace, 17 comfort your hearts and establish them in every good work and word.

  14. This is unbelievable… what an interview :-O
    I remember M. Steve Kirsch interviewing the parents of a young vax victim who has subsequently developed the devastating Prion disease you mentionned. Looks like this “rare” disease is not so since the rollout of the experimental injections.

  15. Re pandemic amnesty

    “Pandemic amnesty” is more of the psychopathic authorities’ typical screwing with the public’s mind, for THEIR benefits, of course. Nothing else.

    First the psychopaths PLAN and execute a holocaustal operation called Covid-19 THEN they want to be acquitted of any wrongdoing. This criminal game is one of the key traits of psychopaths when they should be in prison lifelong without parole ever.

    But…. 99% of people STILL have NO clue that psychopaths are the leaders of all governments because most people prefer being asleep than awake to reality, and they have a FALSE idea of what psychopaths really are (a misdirecting brainwashing script the psychopaths have also long planned and set in place with the ignorant sleeping public) — read “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” … https://www.rolf-hefti.com/covid-19-coronavirus.html

    Why do you think not a single responsible psychopathic authority ended up in jail for their planned 2008 super criminal housing bubble/economic collapse operation that destroyed the lives of millions of people around the world (and there are lots of similar examples throughout history)? NOW you know as you just learned a key lesson on psychopaths.

    ALL of the psychopaths’ begging for forgiveness is JUST a charade to keep fooling the generally comatose public in order to save THEIR OWN skin. Another example of constant public mind control of theirs, serving THEIR interests. But the generally mentally challenged public falls for the psychopath’s fake games endlessly. It won’t be any different this time judging from human history.

    The psychopathic leaders’ endless lying and manipulating is TOO evident in their very fake “call for forgiveness” for what they supposedly didn’t know during the worst of the pandemic, that they’ve got published in one of their owned and controlled propaganda media outfits (“we need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID” [https://archive.ph/Unn7b]) which is a TOTAL LIE because these human monsters were NEVER “in the dark” because it was an ENTIRELY PLANNED super crime-against-humanity of theirs, which is STILL GOING ON (see first cited url).

    If you’re in the US and your employer mandates the toxic/lethal COVID jabs, register to get a free “Medical Exemption Certificate” at https://drgastonmedicalexemption.com or https://lc.org/exempt

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  18. Give us our country back

    Genocide revealed,documented and meticulously explained.
    Any Canadians that go along with this are complicit and should be charged with murder.
    When will Canadians begin to demand accountability?

    Elon Musk is a globalist.
    Do not expect anything positive from this traitor.

    Dr. McCullough just did an interview up on his site where it is revealed that the US DoD is the architect of these poison death shots and are the entity directly responsible for this genocide.

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