“They’re Lying About the Emergency Act” -Rex Murphy

The inimitable Rex Murphy on the “insidious bunch” who lied and abused their power to invoke the Emergencies Act.

From the JCCF’s 2022 George Jonas Freedom Award for Tamara Lich.

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24 thoughts on ““They’re Lying About the Emergency Act” -Rex Murphy”

  1. Timothy John Babson

    Shamefully Canadian Apathy and Indifference towards VOTING is one of our Biggest Problems in our country and one that lets marginal parties secure a majority by way of alliances with other minority parties . A set bottom limit on Voter Turnout should be LAW as it will ensure a clear winner in our elections . Citizens not exercising their voting rights should be FINED as doing so is detrimental to our Democracy and the Rule of Law !

  2. I read as much of Rex’s post as I can and seriously have never disagreed with where he stands. Wish there was away he could vet those who run to govern this Country.

  3. Rex encapsulates what we all know:
    The entire Trudeau leadership is based on lies and “obnoxious beyond the smell of a skunk.”

    Freeland and Trudeau are destroying Canada for the NWO/WEF elites.
    Any Canadian with even 1/10th of a brain left can see that by now.
    Jagmeet,Chrystia and Justin are all traitors to Canada.

    1. You are so right. Keep speaking for Canadians who still want freedom , freedom of speech and rule of law. They are selling us out!

  4. Transparency and accountability are definitely not traits of our current Federal Government. It appears that they think they are above the law and not accountable to anyone. I suggest we replace the entire lot of them at the first opportunity.

    1. Only problem is the next federal election is not due until Oct 20, 2025. I thought Stephen Harper Conservatives legislated to set election in firm 4-yr cycles…but wait, if gov’t falls because the budget doesn’t pass, I guess then there would be an election in an off-cycle year. Our only hope now would be for Liberal gov’t to fall because the next budget fails, but NDP will prop it up and stick us with Trudeau until 2025.

      Seems to me that Trudeau calling the election in 2021 when his government had not actually fallen, shouldn’t have been legal.

  5. Cameron Gulash

    I Have no idea who trudeaus paying off which allowes him to get away with everything hes done while in power but its sickening thats all ill say

  6. Margaret Tabak

    Rex Murphy – one good thing that came out of the CBC.
    Tamara – we finally have another Canadian hero (after Terry Fox)

    1. That is total blasphemy – to compare that obnoxious rabble rouser to Terry Fox is atrocious. Shame on you for even attempting to link the two.

      1. A 28 year armed forces retired vet that loses his job because he won’t take a WEF poison and marches 4500 km through a Canadian winter and spring against Trudeau and Freeland is an indisputable hero.
        Anybody that took this jab and promoted the loss of freedom for Canadians is an absolute zero to Canada and humanity.
        It was a great victory for Dr. Paul Alexander to sit in Parliament Hill and tell the truth about the diabolical farce of this Federal Government’s mandates and the genocide they created.
        Like the good doctor says: “Lock them up!”

  7. Gotta love Rex reed. He speaks his mind and he speaks the truth. Now we need Canadians to wake up smell the coffee and understand that this whole bloody mess for the last 2 1/2 years has been a lot of bullshit. Thank you thank you thank you to people who are making the effort to get the real truth out.

    1. I love your fresh voice of reason, and I am also relieved to see that people are beginning to understand what to do…

  8. Clear, concise, penetrating, and undeniable. People like Tamara Lich and Rex Murphy use words to punch well above their weight, and that’s why they terrify the powers that be. The headline should be “Goliath meets David and learns a painful lesson.” (Although, in the case of Tamara Lich and our feckless prime minister , it was more like Dorothy dropping a house on the wicked witch of the east.)

    1. why isnt anyone stoping this why is trudeau allowed to continue. why is he not injail. why is he not being held acountable

      1. Linda MacDonald

        I keep asking these same questions and no one seems to have any answers! Why is this? It must be that every single one of our “authorities” have been so caught up and so bought up by the whole “great reset” notion that any one of them who might have an answer is plain and simply too comfortable and too afraid to lose that false comfort they think they have bought and paid for to keep their place in the coming totalitarian state. Well, I have only one answer for every single one of them, you have sold your soul to the devil and he is coming for you next! Don’t kid yourself, there is only room at the top for one devil and he will allow you to live only as long as you are useful to him, and then poof, you are done!

      2. Margaret Tabak

        Jagmeet, leader of the NDP has sold his soul to Justin thereby ensuring Justin a majority in a minority government. Many of our politicians are for sale to the highest bidder, so to speak and that seems to be what Jagmeet has done. Another problem appears to be the Canadian judicial system. Although judges and justices should be apolitical … unbiased as to politics… too many recent decisions appear to have been made on the basis of which political party appointed the judge. Time to do away with that system. Elect the judges and justices and have them all subject to recall by the electorate. I don’t know if that would work considering the voter apathy that is prevalent throughout Canada, but can’t be worse than the current system.

        1. That would return some of the power to our hands…thank you for putting that option out there.

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