[LIVE DAY 2] Citizens’ Hearing Examining Canada’s Covid Response 9am – 5pm

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Join us for day 2 from 9am – 5pm, as citizens’ testimonials will help document the unscientific and unprecedented harms brought upon Canadians by the govt’s Covid response.

Without any benefit/risk done by govts, this event, organized by the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, will be historic in nature and purpose to bring a voice and justice to the millions affected and, hopefully, accountability to all involved.

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3 thoughts on “[LIVE DAY 2] Citizens’ Hearing Examining Canada’s Covid Response 9am – 5pm”

  1. How many days is this hearing going to have ? i do not see the dates listed on this flyer . I have reposted this onto many Big FB Sites and the audience needs to know this . Thank you for doing this . This issues has touched the lives of everyone on earth. We Deserve to know the Full Truth – Blessings and Love – Swami Champak Anand

    1. https://www.canadamarches.ca/events

      “Reclaiming Our Voice” Ottawa Event
      After Marching nearly 4592 km, James Topp and the Canada Marches Team, in partnership with Veterans4Freedom, Canadian Frontline Nurses, and Taking Back Our Freedoms, are hosting a 3 day event in the Ottawa Area from June 22nd to June 24th. Only invited media will be allowed entry for the June 22nd event titled “Reclaiming Our Voice: Conversation with Elected Representatives”, due to security reasons.

      Centurion Conference & Event Center
      170 Colonnade Rd. South, Ottawa, ON, K2E 7J5

      Day 1 june 22
      12:15 PM – 1:45 PM (replay)
      4:30 PM – 6:00 PM (replay)
      Conversation with Elected Representatives who have agreed to meet with James Topp and the Canada Marches Team

      Day 2 June 23 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Replay)
      Conversation with Courageous Medical and Scientific Leaders who put their careers on the line to give the Canadian Public access to the truth

      Day 3 June 24 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM
      Conversation with Canadians
      who have suffered due to Covid 19 mandates and government overreach

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