Drs. Ryan Cole, Pierre Kory and Kat Lindley Shine at “The War on Medicine: Cell’s Don’t Lie”

Bright Light News Live Panel 2’s stellar evening, “The War on Medicine: Cells Don’t Lie,” was carried by Drs. Ryan Cole, Pierre Kory and Kat Lindley’s presence and cutting-edge scientific presentations. With introductory speeches from Dr. Byram Bridle and me, Glen Jung, founder of Bright Light News, the event succeeded promoting scientific truth in a sea of Covid misinformation and supporting Bright Light News in its larger mission to continue illuminating freedom-diminishing agendas now affecting humanity at large.

Marquee sign at Eglinton Grand.

An infectious energy of awe and gratitude for the work and sacrifice of the featured speakers was palpable from the getgo, as guests, including scientists and physicians, waited patiently to meet the panelists before and after the event. For many, this important informational session also inspired hope and healing from the sense of belonging in a crowd weaved together by the same cloth of persecution, injury and loss since Covid became a household word.

Dr. Kory, who won over the crowd with his well-concoctioned humour while sharing sobering facts of rapacious Big Pharma tactics, also noted a distinct and special something in the air from the Toronto crowd, something he’d never experienced in his many talks given around the world. (See video)

Dr. Pierre Kory, a crowd favourite, pays homage to the crowd.

Days after the event, Dr. Bridle shared with me moments that moved many, including himself. In throngs, sometimes 3-4 people deep, Dr. Bridle answered long-held questions that only an expert could answer, while others waited to thank him for the hope and information that he gave them through the pain of the past few years, hugging him, and eventually breaking down in tears. For a gentle, ethical soul like Dr. Bridle, now locked out of his university and under constant attack for speaking the truth, the healing flowed both ways.

Dr. Byram Bridle addresses questions after the show.

The Event

Smiles were abound during the pre-show VIP meet, as guests met with Drs. Kory, Cole and Lindley. Taking pictures, revelling in scientific discussions and sharing laughs about our hard-to-fathom “clown world,” attendees also rubbed elbows with other notable Canadian ambassadors for truth and freedom, like Drs. Patrick Phillips, Rochagné Kilian, Jennifer Hibberd, Susan Natsheh, Sam Dubé, Emad Guirguis, and Chris Shoemaker, Amanda Forbes, Bruce Pardy, Rocco Galati, Amina Sherazee, Michael Alexander, Maxime Bernier, and Derek Sloan.

Standing on the stage that night to open Bright Light News’ second live panel event–with crowd buzzing and world-renowned experts waiting in the wings to uplift our collective scientific knowledge and spirits–it was true testament to the beauty and reality of life and this movement: each one of us and, in this case, a former-teacher-come-journalist, has the power to impact others in helping to manifest the free world that we want and for our children.

Glen Jung acknowledges Drs. Ryan Cole, Pierre Kory, Kat Lindley and Byram Bridle.

Next up, Dr. Bridle offered a glimpse into the propaganda world of “misinformation gurus,” funded by taxpayer dollars to attack anything outside of Big-Pharma-sponsored narratives. He discussed one of Canada’s lead misinformation “experts,” Timothy Caulfield, a lawyer without any medical or scientific training who opines on all things medical and finished his talk with a solution for misinformation and an open open invite to the audience.

Dr. Byram Bridle offers a solution to combat misinformation with an invitation to the audience to help him.

The first American doctor to speak was former Chief of Critical Care at the University of Wisconsin, Dr. Kory; and he did not disappoint. With his fiery brand of Long Island wit and an expert treatise into the dark corruption of Big Pharma, the audience saw how the longstanding profits-before-people business model turned an exaggerated flu virus into record profits and a humanitarian catastrophe.

Dr. Pierre Kory talks about the war on repurposed drugs and profits over people.

Having grown up in a communist country, Dr. Lindley saw the similar propaganda campaigns of fear and coercion by govts and unelected bodies, e.g., public health officials and the W.H.O., to force compliance from the public. Most unsettling? The lockstep implementation of unscientific Covid and “vaccine” mandates by much of the world. Dr. Lindley examined the Covid-19 “pandemic” and its role in ushering in the W.H.O.’s chilling attempt to grant itself unfettered and significant power to mandate health policies, including declaring pandemics at only the perceived threat of a public health emergency and climate change lockdowns, over its sovereign 194 member states via amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR).

Dr. Cole gave the final talk of the evening: a sobering and, at many junctures, a difficult-to-watch presentation showing that the experimental mRNA gene therapies are causing unprecedented numbers of injuries and deaths and never-before-seen pathologies. Powerful visual images of giant blood clots removed from the lungs and slide after slide demonstrating “vaccine”-spike-protein induced cellular damage and death. Thankfully, Dr. Cole tactfully used humour to lighten the burden of PowerPoint slides showing giant blood clots and cellular harms caused by the “vaccine”-induced spike proteins. As hoped when I first invited Dr. Cole to speak, he brought irrefutable proof to Canadians that the mRNA vaccine platform is dangerous and should immediately be removed from the market. His slides cannot be unseen, and it’s abundantly clear that govts and public health agencies are wilfully lying to the public about their safety and efficacy and denying them their right to informed consent.

The evening finished with an engaging panel talk on “vaccine” shedding, the slippery-slope dangers of digital cash and ID and a Q&A.

Having started Bright Light News in 2020 with no journalistic experience and resigning last year as an Ontario public school teacher, I want to personally thank all of you who attended and who’ve supported us along the way, as well as the doctors for taking the time to come to Canada, to support my vision and mission of illuminating the truth where mainstream media has failed us. We could not do this without you and value your continue sharing of content and donations to shine a light on the truth.

PLEASE STAY TUNED! Videos from the event will soon be published.

And a big thank you to the amazing people who helped make the event a reality: Mitch Fillion (videographer), Mike Attard (livestream) and our wonderful volunteers, Catherine, Shari, Jenn, Magali, Nilufer, Ben and Emma!

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