[INTERVIEW] Parrhesia, The Solution to Mass Formation Psychosis -Mattias Desmet, PhD

(Bath, England) Mattias Desmet, PhD, author of The Psychology of Totalitarianism, wrote that our current post-Covid situation and diminishing freedoms is due to “mass formation…a kind of group hypnosis that destroys individuals’ ethical self-awareness and robs them of their ability to think critically.”

In this interview, Desmet discusses the cause and solution to totalitarianism and mass formation psychosis: parrhesia.

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1 thought on “[INTERVIEW] Parrhesia, The Solution to Mass Formation Psychosis -Mattias Desmet, PhD”

  1. getting late in the game

    I contend what we dealt with during the covid campaign was a mass psyop and not mass formation.
    Mass formation lets the militaries and governments off the hook while blaming people for the massive psyop.

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