The Assault on Medical Privacy

9 thoughts on “The Assault on Medical Privacy”

  1. What are Roger and Mya so worried about? If they are ‘vaccinated’, they are supposedly protected. Otherwise why else take the jab unless it is for another unspoken reason that we are not supposed to know since so few have died from something that doesn’t match the death rates of plagues from the past?

  2. Wow what a kind human you are. Let’s strip and parade people for making a personal choice. Wait until they force you to do something you don’t agree with, for reasons you feel are valid. Good luck then, bud. This is not about vaccines, it’s about tyranny. Of which you are fully on board with it seems.

  3. I dam well want to know if people are vaccinated or not. I have a right to my safety. Screw medical privacy over this nonsense. People are such whiners and big babies. Safety should be the priority. I dont want to be within 15 feet of an unvaccinated criminal.

    1. Then why are there not passports to prove you do not have a pedophilia disorder. You have to be a critical thinker in all cases just not reacting on FEAR and msm info.

      1. Also please take a look at legislation that needs to be changed and not out of fear or people not thinking but out of actual NEED
        #justiceformchaleandnoah #NoahsLaw

    2. I don’t want to be within 15 feet from a vaccinated shedder. My body, my choice. Don’t like it? Stay home if you are vaccinated and afraid. Moron.

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