3 thoughts on “Vaccine Passports Are A Thinly Veiled Social Credit System”

  1. What if the plan has been to narrow down the hardcore population of the UNSHOT? This is the target group. You appear to self-select entry and retention in that minority. Look around and what do you have in common – beyond the SHOT specifics? Not an exactly homogenous grouping at least on the surface.
    There is a maze and who is running that maze? Are you blindfolded? Are you on a seemingly rushed schedule? Does it feel like you must race to stay ahead of something chasing your or must your race to reach an open pathway before it closes-in?
    There are many ways that we have been pre-conditioned through pop culture. Think of movies in which an actual maze was the setting; think of convoluted tv series in which panic and fear and rapidfire decisions decided who survived and who did not; think of trivia type games that tested the participant’s predictions of survey answers; think of elaborate coverage of political election campaigns. Set a clock and run the maze.
    Do you expect to be the lone survivor? Are you isolated even as you reach out to form groupings of the likeminded either in close proximity or through the interwebs? When you zoom do you submit your contacts lists and your various movements through the interwebs?
    When groups are self-selected, there may be bias that becomes the driver of future pathways through maze. What if you do not think you are confined to this maze? Can you depart the TRUMAN film set without suffering the trauma of abandoning all that you have known as real?
    The vaxed and the unvaxed is just a distraction, maybe, and your choices may be more illusion than real. How can you be more sure? Are your feet on the ground? Are you at peace with your maker? Who does your life serve?
    Social credit system is real but it is also used as a distraction. What if you have the upperhand but are nudged to feel you are weak and vulnerable? What if you feel you are in a fight for your existence and so continuously experience fight or flight choices? Does this advance your well-being or erode it? Or is there another way to live?
    What can you tell about yourself by looking into the eyes of your fellow human beings? What if these human beings are sorted into a different self-selected group, do you see yourself in their eyes? Can you rationalize your own self-selected grouping?
    Are you yourself or your group identity?
    This is not a new game. Learn to play the game.
    It is not a game.

  2. What if …

    The injection program is a series of tests that produce self-sorted groupings of humankind?
    The program itself has stepped through the population by age cohort.
    Within each age cohort there are two broad groups, those who eventually got the shot and those who did not. But also there are those who waited or ‘hesitated’ and became ‘late arrivers’ for the shot. Along the way different messaging was used and different expectations were presented. So the sorting of the SHOT population includes sub-groups that were self-selected but where subjected to different forms of mass manipulation, call it nudging in this or that direction.
    And, along the way, those in the UNSHOT population responded in different ways also. Do not think you were beyond the nudges. You are not just a control group in a big experiment. Within the age cohorts, and within the socio-economic sub-groups, there are those who have shown themselves susceptible to this or that other manipulation.
    As things progress we begin to understand that we have been on different tracks that were laid out for us far ahead of time. Can you be sure that you are walking your own path, determined by your own choices, and open to your access to relevant information?
    What if the vast majority were predicted to enter the SHOT treadmill to be forever subjected to repeated trips to the SHOT dispensary? What if the plan was introduce you to new forms of administration of the SHOT’s serum? The illusion of choice is an old salesman’s tactic. Injection, pill, or nasal spray, your choice? Shot free to the end is another illusionary choice, possibly. What if that is the target group afterall?

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